Holiday Gift Guide For The Entrepreneur & Jetsetter

passionate, unstoppable, innovative.

  1. Insatiable desire to create. | CubePro 3D printer, from RM12,365 ($2899)
  2. Edible tech? Yes please. #biggerbetterwaffle | The Keyboard Waffle Iron, RM363 ($85)
  3. Standing desk is the next big thing.  Any height, at your preference. | Evodesk, RM2554 ($599)
  4. 'What else?' – George Clooney | Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee & Espresso Maker, RM959 ($225)
  5. Moleskine + Evernote = everything you need to be ultra-organized. | 2016 Weekly Planner by Moleskine, RM149 (£23.20)

Curious, stylish, adventurous.

  1. Cocktail – anytime, anywhere. | The Carry On Cocktail Kit RM205 ($48.00)
  2. Don't quit your daydream just to check your phone. This ring alerts you to phone messages and notifications using Bluetooth LED technology. | Daydream Smart Ring RM832 ($195.00)
  3. Never too lost with a guide in hand. | Luxe World Grand Tour Box, RM1323 ($310)
  4. She's a keeper. | Rimowa’s Topas Titanium Cabin Multiwheel, RM4950
  5. Leave your footprints whilst globetrotting. | Chalkboard Globe, RM160 £24.99


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