A Greener Malaysia with Foodabox

What a greater way to express love to our homeland.

In celebration of the new enforcement of the ban on all polystyrene food containers and free plastic bags in Selangor and the Federal Territories, Foodabox, a startup social enterprise decided to share their green packaging solutions by providing cheaper access to eco-friendly food packaging. Their aim is to help food operators utilise more environmentally-friendly packages in their everyday operations.


To make dream comes true, Foodabox approached webe community, a crowdbacking platform that provides idea makers and innovators with the opportunity to make positive changes amongst Malaysians a reality. With webe community as an enabler, Foodabox gained the interest of webe members, who voted for them and unlocked their project which saw their BIG IDEA come to life!

Thus, the inception of #webeunitybox. #webeunitybox is a box that gathers all the wonderful things that Malaysians love, care and are concerned about. In line with the celebration of 60th Independence Day of Malaysia, the team decided to combine national unity into their packaging by featuring the many facades of Malaysians. To further promote unity among Malaysians, boxes produced through the Unity Box project will feature a collection of pictures shared over social media on what people love about being Malaysian. Photos were chosen from those who posted their pictures or stories on Facebook with the hashtag, #webeunitybox.

Today, with the help of webe community, Foodabox is on its way to printing 500,000 of these unique yet eco-friendly beautiful boxes, ready to be disseminated to selected restaurants and eateries. And if you are lucky, one of these boxes will find its way into your heart, and mind, creating inspiring moments to be cherished while doing your bit to save the earth.

To see other projects that are funded by webe community please visit community.webe.com.my or webe community Facebook page for more information.

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