BlackListed For Good

100 of the boldest individuals were BlackListed for the hottest night out in town, socializing with friends and indulging in Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Crafted with 29 of the boldest single malts selected by our master blenders, Johnnie Walker Black Label is brought together from the four corners of Scotland to create an experience that is complex, deep and rewarding. Johnnie Walker Black Label comprises a combination of the boldest flavours with the elements of sweet, creamy vanillas that gives way to the flavour of orange zest, together with the aromas of spice and raisins.

Guests were taken to the world of Johnnie Walker Black Label through a holographic mentoring session which was held exclusively at BlackList.

With its distinctive flavours and depth of character, Johnnie Walker Black Label takes the spot of being the world’s leading Scotch whisky. And offers the perfect first experience of a premium scotch for the young and old alike.

Guests were treated to Johnnie Walker Black Label in many variations including the usual serves – on the rocks or neat. There were also other bold concoctions made with Johnnie Walker Black Label on the black (list), such as Johnnie Ginger – a refreshing combination of ginger ale and Johnnie Walker Black Label, topped with orange zest. Other serves that were enjoyed by guests included Black Bull, a tangy tasting cocktail made with Red Bull and Johnnie Walker Black Label and an aptly named cocktail named BlackList –concocted using Johnnie Walker Black Label and Guinness.

Boldly-Inspired Creation

Serves of Johnnie Ginger and Black Bull were enjoyed by fellow BlackListers throughout the night!

The BlackList saw exclusive collaborations with renowned personalities including celebrity chef, Sherson Lian; Paulius Staniunas, most well-known for his night-time shots and Ronald Chew, local streetwear designer from Nerdunit. Taking inspiration from the bold elements of Johnnie Walker Black Label, these respective personalities curated their very own creations exclusively to earn their places on the BlackList.

In 2011, Ronald Chew has daringly taken the step to bring his streetwear creations and designs all the way from San Francisco to Malaysian shores, and now, his unique designs have made a name themselves internationally.

Chef Sherson has a knack for bringing bold tastes and flavour together and his creations are one of a kind, playing with a unique twist of Asian and western flavours. For one night only, the boldest crowd had the opportunity to experience the intense flavours on the menu curated by Chef Sherson inspired by the bold flavours of Johnnie Walker Black Label. There was an array of indulgent delights which were served during the night such as keluak rice, bombay burger, Johnnie Walker Black Label infused pate and a black sesame Cheese tartlet.

Johnnie Walker Black Label: The Boldest Award-Winning Whisky

BlackList was held at The Gasket Alley in Petaling Jaya, where guests were able to indulge in good food and great company, accompanied by Johnnie Walker Black Label.

Move over A-Listers, BlackList is the new in thing.

What’s a night out without your best friends, a night filled with the hottest tunes and delectable food held at one of the edgiest venues in town? If you missed this premiere edition of the BlackList which was held on the 24 March 2018, stay tuned to Johnnie Walker’s Facebook page and Instagram page to keep a lookout for the next BlackList: Edition II.

Remember to always drink responsibly!

Dare to be bold together with Johnnie Walker Black Label.

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