Taking Jalan Tandok By the Horns

Getting to know what’s up at this Bangsar street.

Jalan Tandok, together with Jalan Kurau and Jalan Riong, make up the trio of Bangsar streets that were once KL’s main printing hub. Now, they’ve turned into a hip place where exciting events, eateries, and residences have cropped up. Let’s find out what Jalan Tandok on its own has to offer.

Signature Food by La Juiceria


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Staying true to their slogan ‘Eat Good, Feel Good’, La Juiceria Superfoods has made its mark with healthy dishes like the teriyaki chicken grain bowl, the Buddha bowl, Avo Mashed Greens and of course the wide selection of cold pressed juices the brand is famous for. Boasting a large space to accommodate couples, families or even a small party of friends, La Juiceria is perfect for diners looking to have a healthy and scrumptious meal. Situated in Nadi Bangsar, this light and airy restaurant is a breath of fresh air to the area.

Naj & Belle Bangsar

Fan favourites here are the soft-shell crab pasta, Benny the Bull (a mouth-watering melange of braised beef cheeks, poached eggs, spinach and brioche) and the signature watermelon cake topped with fresh strawberries. There’s plenty more brunch and dinner items packing the menu as well as a whole list of scrumptious cakes. The cosy space is ideal for any occasion, from birthday dinners to baby showers and more! This place is heaving for lunch on a daily basis so if you’re coming with a big group, reservations are a must – or make sure to get there early!

PAM Bangsar

PAM (Pertubuhan Arkitek Malaysia) is an institute that represents the architects in Malaysia. The green building houses the members’ service centre, administration office, conference centre and training centre for future architects.

Highlanders Beer Garden

Taking up the bar space that was once known as Sid’s Handle Bar, Highlanders Beer Garden beckons with competitively-priced beer as well as a lush green space to relax with your pint. Expect the best of oldies music while lounging here.

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