24-hour Access to BookXcess in Cyberjaya

This car park turned bookstore could be your next hangout spot.

Back in 2016, BookXcess started its operation as a small bookstore in AmCorp Mall, Petaling Jaya, but having a dream has made it grew bigger over the years. Today, on top of its shelves expansion both offline and online, BookXcess is also the major sponsor for the world’s largest book sale ever – Big Bad Wolf. This year, it continues to embark on an amazing journey by launching the first 24-hour bookstore in Malaysia.

BookXcess’ newest store in Tamarind Square, Putrajaya is also said to be the country’s biggest bookstore yet with a span of 3,437.4 sq m. To date, it houses over half a million books with majority being in the Art & Design category. According to its Chief Product Officer Yu Jeen Chua, the company’s latest addition is treated as the centre for creativity and it has the biggest collection compared to other outlets for Art & Design.

Apart from it operating hour, the interior design for BookXcess in Tamarind Square is another unique feature that has been catching people’s attention. The store occupies a large section of former car park and least renovation has been made to it, most are left untouched. Chua also told us that the information written on the floor were inspired by the parking spot marking on the floor. “We see the floor as a perfect canvas for graffiti artists to work on in the future”, he further commented.

BookXcess has always put in effort in encouraging people to kick-start their reading habit. For many years, they have been selling brand new books at the cheapest price with discounts as high as 80% just to nurture the curious mind. With this latest 24-hour store, Chua hopes to bring families and students together in one space surrounded by piles of books.

“We knew from day one that we needed to have a library. We felt that students need a space where they can gather, share their ideas, and do things together. It would be amazing if they are surrounded by books, one day, if they are not readers, they will be a converted readers”, said Chua.

BookXcess Cyberjaya

Tamarind Square, Persiaran Multimedia, Cyber 10
63000 Cyberjaya, Selangor

Open 24 hours

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