Of Marrybrown and Mukbang

We tried Marrybrown’s new Korean menu set and talked about horoscopes.

Mukbang is a global online trend video where a person (or two) eats a large amount of food and engages in a conversation with an audience. This can be done either live broadcasting or pre-recording and the video is then uploaded to mainstream platform such as Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. This trend first started in South Korea in the 2010s. The term ‘mukbang’ is a product of two Korean words combined which translate as eating, meokneun (먹는) and broadcast, bangsong (방송). The content for mukbang videos vary from fast food, street food, spicy Korean noodle, depending on the host and often time, the trend as well.

mukbang marrybrown korean set

For our very first mukbang video, we’ve decided to try the new Korean Sensasi Ayam Terhangat menu set. To make it interesting, we also talked about horoscopes in video. Want to know what we were talking about? Watch the video down below:

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