#ThirstyThursday: A Celebration of Food, Legacy, and Great Company

John Walker & Sons XR21

John Walker & Sons XR21 annual Mastery gala presented a gastronomical journey like no other.

Celebrating the heritage of Penang, John Walker & Sons XR 21 returned for its annual Mastery, showcasing the best Malaysian cuisine and ancestry, coupled with the exceptional flavours and craft of the blended Scotch whisky. Held in Penang, arguably Malaysia’s foremost food haven, the XR 21 Mastery continued to be an appreciation of the rich Penang heritage and cuisine; the latter an integral aspect of Malaysia’s identity.

John Walker & Sons XR21

Nestled in the leafy corner of Pulau Tikus, the third edition of the XR 21 Mastery took place at the acclaimed Colonial Penang Museum. Rated as one of the Top 10 Museums in Malaysia by TripAdvisor, the museum is home to some of the oldest artworks in the country, some over 100 years old, standing testament to the over-pouring history which the state has painted for itself.

John Walker & Sons XR21

Embarking on a journey of gastronomical delight within the grounds of the museum, guests were treated to some of Penang’s best cuisines over a 7-course dinner, handcrafted by Penang’s most-loved street food legacy holders and reputable chefs to showcase authentic Chinese heritage and craft, including Chef Andus Yeap of HH+ by Haven Harbour.

John Walker & Sons XR21

Each dish, from appetizer to main course and finally dessert, were meticulously handmade to exude rich flavours, just as the John Walker & Sons XR 21, which itself is crafted through an extremely rare three-stage blending method reserved for its most exclusive whiskies. Paired alongside these dishes, the intriguing layers of intensity in the whisky blend that are both surprising and delightful were surfaced, creating an enchanting experience on the palate.

The journey began with a scrumptious meal at Hainanese Delights, a hidden gem tucked away in 1926 Heritage Hotel serving authentic Hainanese delicacies. It was only after a taste of what Penang truly offers that guests were whisked away to the Mastery dinner, opening the gastronomy journey with John Walker & Sons XR 21 on an amazing note.

John Walker & Sons XR21

Just as heritage-focused the beginning of the adventure was, it ended similarly as well. The whole journey came to an end at Penang’s Kheng Pin Cafe, the food court notorious for its wide selection of stalls beloved by all. It was foodie love at first sight. Read more about it here.

Created to honour Alexander Walker II’s knighthood from King George V for his services to the nation, John Walker & Sons XR 21 was inspired by Sir Alexander’s own handwritten notes and blended from the Johnnie Walker reserve of rare whiskies, all of which have been matured for a full 21 years. This rare three-step process brought about notes of sweet honey and tempered spices, cloaked in warming smoke. Citrus zest, ripened tropical fruits and caramel swirl within hints of tobacco and raisins were prominent alongside the courses for the night, resulting in a long, smooth and complex finish where a myriad of flavours played out over a subtle tapestry of peatiness.

John Walker & Sons XR21

Last year, XR 21 Mastery was held in Khoo Kongsi, aiming to continually advocate the gastronomical wonders and rich heritage our beloved-country Malaysia has to offer.

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