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Often times you’ll hear people say that they truly hate meetings, more so when it’s the kind where minutes are printed with bureaucratic details that straps accountability as “death” or “near-death” when an assignment fails. But at Uppre, it’s the enterprising and experimental spirit that hold us together each time when we bounce off ideas, numbers, direction, pursuits and even jibes to add colour to the conversation.
At today’s meet, we welcome a newbie to the team, Basir. A quiet lad to begin with and dressing rather smartly for his first day. I suspect he was nervous for a while when asked to speak but no matter, it’s nothing a few assignments can’t help to dissipate. They’ll vanish quickly I’m sure as the engine runs from cool to warm and blazing hot in no time.
We had a good meet and by that I’d say we have a few things ironed out, big picture visions included. So stay tuned folks. There will be more humming and buzzing coming out of the editorial and creative factory of Uppre and first, Penang seems to be our boiling topic.
Pleasant week ahead!
Ian Ng

Ian Ng

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