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WARNING: Exercise has been known to cause good health and happiness.

It is without a doubt that most of us aspire to look like a superhero. For the guys; Thor, with ultimate strength and sleeve-busting arms. For the ladies; Catwoman, with the brains and a body to die for. That being said, as we gear up and embark on the journey to fitness in the real world, we tend to be caught up in a web of distractions and other life priorities that could lead us astray from pursuing our fitness goals. With KFit now, it’s a definite game-changer.


Keep Fit

KFit brings one of the co-Founders, Joel Neoh’s love of sports together with his belief that KFit can enhance the lives of consumers in Asia by democratizing technology. He was inspired to start the company when he saw great gyms and sports facilities he used in various Asia Pacific cities struggling to fill their classes and keep their bookings high. At the same time, he was hearing so many people saying that they wanted to live a healthier and more active life, but did not know where to start.

No Sweat

The ideation of KFit began in March 2015 and within a span of four months, the team has grown to about 90 people, all believing in creating opportunities for everyone to achieve their fitness goals. Partnerships with local merchants are being forged as you read this to provide a wider variety of fitness venues and activities to select from. This includes yoga, crossfit, pilates, pole dance, rock climbing, bodybuilding, kickboxing, badminton (yes even the national sport!), zumba and the list goes on. With a current total of 400 (and counting) partnerships, KFit members are spoilt for choice.

Studios that are part of KFit are:

Discovery Pilates Studio

discovery pilates (2)

Honey Badgers

honey badgers

Backstage Dance & Fitness Studio


CHI Fitness


Crazy Monkey Defense

crazy monkey defense



Movimento Simples De Capoeira Malaysia


(Photo credit: KFit)

…and more. Yes, you name it; you got it.

More Than Life

KFit strongly believes in providing a platform that enables members to combine the elements of fitness and social together. KFitters have also the absolute liberty to workout alongside friends, minus the obligation to purchase a gym membership. To spice things up, KFit members can even set up an event with selected invites for them to experience sweating it out together. It’s like “who knew rock climbing can be a social event among family members?”

Kimberley Chong, Brand Manager of KFit

“We want to inspire others to make changes in their lifestyle and understand that it’s not just about buying a gym membership anymore.” Kimberley stated.

It’s about having fun doing it; it’s about having fun working out and now you can make it social.

“There’s just so much we can do, and by building a social + fitness community within Malaysia and around Asia, it resonates the goal and vision of what KFit is looking to achieve.” Kimberley added.

Being an established entrepreneur himself, Joel is always looking towards the future with an eye for what’s next. Already, KFit has been yet another great boost for him to set the trail blazing from Kuala Lumpur to Seoul, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taipei, Manila, and more.

From this little known author to the KFit founder himself, we know what it’s like to go from stick thin to stacked and lean. Truth be told, being able to take your physique to another level is one of life’s great privileges; the adrenaline, the rush! Marvel no more, see you at the gym!

Are you keen on becoming a KFitter? The KFit Asia mobile app is available for download on both Andriod and IOS .




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