Living The Haig Life

Distilling the spirit of modern Scotland

It’s a thrilling time for the unconventionals.

In the world of Scotch Whisky, Haig Club single grain whisky is indeed the anomaly. Its allure lies in the combination of smoothness, freshness, levity and brilliant equilibrium. The brainchild of drinks giant Diageo, British entrepreneur Simon Fuller and global icon David Beckham is set to rise to dubious prominence. 

An essence that goes beyond the taste

One’s choice of drinks is akin to reflection of one’s tastes, passions and values. Whilst this particular whisky might not be the most popular among the aficionados, it is designed with the Millennials in mind — a burgeoning urban crowd who don’t think they like Whisky, yet. They are the ingénues who are keen to find their stands in the society, the emerging 9-5ers, the budding entrepreneurs, the bright young things who work around the clock but still enjoy the finer things in life. These people, as it turned out, are the people that the chosen influencers — Sue Lynn and Bryan Loo are closely connected with. They are the living embodiment of style and brain in the brave new world.



It was love at first sight.

Sue Lynn Tiong has that perennial girl next door charm, with a dash of glam.

“It was love at first sight. I saw the unique blue bottle at the airport and I knew that I had to have it,” exclaimed the well-known blogger at and lover of all things pretty. It was the distinctive giant blue cologne bottle that first caught Sue Lynn’s eyes but little did she know, wonderful things were about to happen in line. In today’s it-never-happen-if-it's-not-Instagram'd fashion, she received a call shortly after her posting on social media. Eventually, she said ‘yes’ to becoming the local influencer of Haig Club. All these led to an intimate dinner at the Wellington Arch near Hyde Park with David Beckham. 

What's better than a serial of gastronomic adventures with the babe? A drink inspired by the babe. Sue Lynn who is claimed to be fastidious about cocktail intends to pursue the creation of ‘Bangsar Babe Cocktail’ with a bartender. One thing we know for sure is that the cocktail will be just as stylish and sophisticated as the babe herself.



It is bold. It is about trying to be less average than other people.

Bryan Loo is living the entrepreneurial dream.

A carefully cultivated choices can metamorphose ordinary objects into relics of our life story. The cutting-edge F&B entrepreneur brilliantly relates the launch of Haig Club to entrepreneurship. “It is bold. It is about trying to be less average than other people,” Bryan quipped. For him, it is not all about the taste. “What you get is the character and values,” he added. The trite quiz 'what does your signature drink says about you' might be making sense after all.

Haig Club single grain whisky is unconventional but at the same time so versatile that it’s almost made to flow with your caprices. Drawn to the values and versatility of Haig Club, Bryan is keen to make it a fixture on the Kuala Lumpur bar scene. His latest venture, IKKI ('drinking in gulp' in Japanese) — a speakeasy inspired by the 1960s British Social Club will soon open up a new world of Scotch Whisky. We can hardly wait.


Sue Lynn and Bryan Loo with David Beckham at HAIG CLUB London
THE HAIG LIFE | Sue Lynn and Bryan Loo with David Beckham at HAIG CLUB London

You have had a hard day. Why not sit back, relax and take a sip of ‘modern Scotland in a glass’? Slàinte!

A Taste of Haig

Tasting notes has always been an abstract concept more than a unifying description.

  • Appearance:  Light, bright gold with a fine viscosity, suggesting freshness and sweet flavour.
  • Smell:  Light creamy butterscotch or custard, with tropical fruits and citrus becoming richer and sweet; a pleasing light woody spiciness.
  • Taste: Icing sugar or coconut creamy sweetness, butterscotch, and a mouth-watering spiciness.  Like a tropical fruit salad with a fresh clean balance.
  • Finish: Short and very clean, with traces of freshly sawn wood.

HAIG CLUB Sherbet Scotch served at HAIG CLUB London

Once In A Blue Moon

The colour of the bottle pays homage to the tradition of using blue tasting glasses in the blending room to test the quality of a whisky through nose and taste alone.


Finding Mr. Haig

It is a world away from shots consumed solely for the purpose of falling over drunk.

Photo credit: Haig Club