No love if…

For the seemingly indefatigable duo, work is fun, fun is work.


“And what about my headband?” – Blair

“I admire it.” – Chuck

Team Blair, anyone? Sereni and Shentel (S&S) – a homegrown label based in the cat city makes gorgeous headbands fit for Queen B, even Chuck Bass would’ve approved. It all started with Lady Gaga’s concert which eventually leads to the first collection launch of S&S based on the philosophy–‘be seen or go home’. It was definitely one hell of a joy ride!

A little bird told me… Sereni can wiggle her ears, and Shentel is one hell of a Yam Seng toaster.

In early thirties, coming from blessed backgrounds and having already carved out a stellar career in their respective fields, Sereni Linggi and Shentel Lee could take it easy for a while, but it doesn’t sound like they will.  To date, both still keep their day jobs as mall manager and graphic designer. Running a business involves a lot of hard work, especially when it’s not your only priority. What made it all happen? They thrive on multitasking. They have proven themselves more than just tasteful creatives with money in the bank.

But even if, as Mae West once famously said, “too much of a good thing can be wonderful”, it’s also true that can present special challenges, particularly in the quest of fashion. Sereni and Shentel have conquered it gracefully by mastering the art of mixing colours with gorgeous embellishments.

S&S in three words – Wooohoooo, Colourful, Confident! She’s the girl of our dreams who speaks the language of prettiness and poise but at the same time, possesses a playful sense of wit. “Nothing gets us more excited then seeing our designs on the heads of our fans,” claimed the duos. Every little detail from their signature gold plated headband to precision wrapping has made S&S a go-to-brand for Blair Waldorf’s iconic accessory.

Dancing_Queen_party hat-model-01
Dancing_Queen_party hat-01

Blair, Cha Cha, Bow Down, Kuching Cat, Lolita, Party Hat, Mandy and The Betty all thrill and appall in equal measure and inspire a fandom among their shoppers. These headbands are adorned with embellishments that beautifully catch the light and look chic with hair worn up or loose. They serve the perfect purpose as an instant way to update your look from dull to ‘the New Yorker’ without breaking the bank.

Inspirations are endless. The S&S office is covered ceiling to floor in pinboards. It’s not only a hub of creativity it’s also a fancy paradise – festooned with pretty ribbons in every possible shade and knick knacks from their travels around the world. “Every month we release a new collection based on something we love,” claimed the designing duo who are notorious for creating collections based entirely on a movie, or even a song.

Last but not least, a truthful advice from the ladies who turned ‘should have’ into an ‘I did’ – “do your research, be different, and do something that you love. If you don’t love it yourself no one else will.”



Sereni & Shentel