The Bird Watching Drama Queen

Guess who? If it isn’t the gorgeous and down-to-earth, ex-model, former Miss Malaysia Intercontinental and a diving instructor. Amazed, I wondered what else is next for this lady, having already achieved so much…

Her journey has somehow grown into an envious love that eludes many. With the long list  of credentials, Pamela Lim too has an innate passion for animals with an almost undying love for dogs, which on any given day is overwhelmingly infectious.

Ever since a little girl, her dream was to be a veterinarian but fate saw her fainting whilst assisting a vet to open up a cat. That’s when she knew she could only go so far as to loving them and nothing more. But love as they say knows no bounds, she would grow as a person to partake in activities and missions to help our furry friends.

Like just over the Yuletide season last year on the 20th December to be exact, she and members of the Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue held a Christmas party to celebrate the joyous occasion but instead, it was a heart-wrenching one for the beauty queen.

“I didn’t know most of them couldn’t swim and there were times in between the event where, I couldn’t get to the dogs in time and 40 to 50 dogs perished. I only managed to look after the dogs in front – two volunteers who were amidst us couldn’t swim but they still held on to the dogs although their lives were in danger.”

At the end of the struggle in the torrential rain, only 13 survived but they were all cold, tired, and hungry.

I have to say, drama follows me.

Pamela Edit 2
Lights, camera, action, you’re on. Pamela strikes a pose for the camera!

According to her, what Malaysia truly needs is a nation of swimmers because we are hit by flash floods all the time.

“People often think this is what I do but it’s not what I do for a living. I do it because when you have the skill and you don’t use it, you will lose it. And when you have the skill, and there’s a requirement for it, you apply it,” she explains as she wears the hat of a diving instructor.

Bird, Beauty, Better

And it is not without foresight that she shares her opinion. Take for instance the project she’s working on right now, Flock which is part of Amazing Journey Asia. It is a birding e-magazine that specifically educates and informs readers online about the rare species and the need to protect them. This is essential she explained because every year between November to February, the migration season brings about thousands of birds and hundreds of species here to spend winter  and this becomes her and the like minded’s opportune time to ogle at the birds.

Pamela Edited 1
Beauty from the inside out. Looking gorgeous even without her make-up on.

“I bird every day, anywhere there’s jungle. If you have a good pair of binoculars, you can see the feathers, the colours, and markings on the birds which are remarkable.”

Contrary to what people may believe about beauty queens, this unique lady here actually cycles to get to her birding sites instead of riding or be driven in the comfort of an air-conditioned car. In fact, she cycles to anywhere and almost everywhere for awesome food and sometimes with her adventurous bunch of friends.

“Cycling is a slower means of seeing the world. (And) Basically, loving nature and a great recreation for me.”

Pamela Edit 3 copy
If there’s time for life, there’s time for some bird-watching love!

Her cycling diary is recorded with trips on the train with her “foldie” and driving it in the car to places like Melaka and Kampar for a good cycling getaway. As a matter of fact, she has even ridden on a rented bike while having a vacation in Italy. Is there then anything that this woman can’t do?

With such decorated adventures and hobbies around her life, surely the person within must be as interesting if not as colourful.

“If a friend is in trouble, you go all out to help because you might just be the only person that is left to help.

“Also, by being able to inspire others to take on the challenges to be the best in whatever they choose to be and whatever they set out to do, because they can.”

She disclosed her personal side during the interview without any doubt or hesitation to unveil the true nature of her heart.

“People like you because you are you, not because of what you can give or do for them.”

And she went on to say, “the best thing is to be beautiful, and because in your process of becoming beautiful, you become something better for yourself.”

Pamela is planning to propose to the government to consider implementing swimming lessons in schools because 90% of Malaysians do not know how to swim and it involves life and death. “We’ve got to start with the children. We need a disaster management plan.”

Pamela also loves hanging out at coffee shops especially randomly chatting up uncles and aunties. “Sometimes, when they see you again at the shop, they acknowledge you and when you share some stories, they share some as well. Whenever they have extra food, they give some to me which I find it very cute. You may not find these precious things occurring at other hip joints or fancy restaurants. I’ve learned to appreciate the little things in life which you can’t buy with money.”

And, in case you didn’t know, Pamela was crowned Miss Malaysia Intercontinental 3rd Runner Up in 1999/2000 and also won the subsidiary title of Miss Personality.

Dogs, bikes, birds, Pamela is also into another kind of “fur” – knitting crochets, bolero, scarfs, beanie, gloves, fingerless mittens, leg warmers, little bags, pouches…..