Kenny’s Majestic Glory Reviv-ing

Stepping inside Kenny Hills feels like a neighbourhood in the borough of Beverly Hills, the only thing that sets it apart from the latter is the rich greenery landscape – the scent of fresh leaves falling off the branches of trees that might just sweep you off your feet. Never has a space for life been woven with such rich amount of abundant greenery within the city.

Especially in the heyday of modernism, Kenny Hills continue to evolve with notable exceptions and of course, spectacularly self-built homes. With such features of customisation, it makes houses like these extremely pleasant places to dwell and live in, the way you want it. With a careful eye for detail, while upholding its historic elements of the estate, furnishing the acreage for modern living in a new era literally transcends time, space and generations.

In terms of wealth and economic numbers, most of you would remember the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, where stock markets were miserably dropping worldwide resulting in issues like prolonged unemployment, evictions and inflation. The level of consumer’s confidence hit rock bottom as everyone tightened their belts in fear of what laid ahead.

However, the effect from this condition in early 2009 didn’t seem to influence the decision-making among eager prospective buyers of Kenny Hills. And according to the National Property Information Center (Napic), the value of a particular house on Jalan Girdle, which spans at approximately 9,900 sq ft fetched about RM608 per sq ft in September 2009. But almost four years later in June 2013, the price nearly tripled to RM1,700 per sq ft.

kenny hills street
The best of both worlds: A little bit of glam and grace just as you step out of Kenny Hills Residence.

An empire of their own

Kenny Hills is premised on the concept of low density situated at one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Kuala Lumpur. More interestingly, its superb connectivity is an added plus point. The site is accessible via multiple routes, “You can basically get in anywhere from Jalan Duta, Taman Duta, Jalan Syed Putra (previously known as The Mall and now, Sunway Putra Mall) nearby PWTC. There’s just so many ways to exit,” says one of the residents who only wanted to be known as Patrick.

“There’s also plenty of greenery surrounding the neighbourhood that makes it even cooler at night with a temperature difference of one to two degrees Celsius. Let me ask you, where else can you find mist at night, aside from Genting Highlands?” giggles Patrick.

“Living an upper lifestyle is not about having to make more money but, to have a better taste in life.”

Simultaneously, about four months ago, filmmaker Au Tai Hon started running Kenny Hills Bakers at the heart of Bukit Tunku providing a new breath and atmosphere for the community in this part of the world. The warm freshly baked croissants and pastries are to yearn for. A few words from the creative man himself who was previously working in advertising, “Living an upper lifestyle is not about having to make more money but, to have a better taste in life.”

It is also never too late to build a dream home for a family of five for a man who has dedicated his passion in the banking industry for over 20 years. Previously before moving here, Aaron was residing in one of the condominiums near Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). The decision which led him to move to this upmarket neighbourhood happened when he was visiting a friend in the old apartments at Selangor properties and cupid must have struck him dearly after a few more visits.

“There was a point of time when Tijani was going at RM200 per sq ft and Damansara Heights was about RM400 per sq ft. I resorted to Tijani as it was a new gated development and various back lanes in terms of accessibilities to town has been extremely convenient for me.”

Aaron’s self-built bungalow is worth RM1.8 million; it took two years to develop, nine months of approval and a year of actual construction. He was glad he made the right decision when he addressed Kenny Hills as his new home seven years ago.

Evidently, one of the myriad factors that upholds the beauty of Kenny Hills is no other than the strict controlled density by the authorities and residents. Back in those days, the plots were too big and people were leaving. Ever since it’s being revived, there are now five new bungalows being built within the Tijani project itself.

I jokingly asked Aaron if he would recommend Kenny Hills to anyone.

“Honestly, it’s hard to get land area with sizes below 10,000 sq ft now because people usually end up buying properties at Damansara Heights which is known as the second best,” the friendly Aaron laughed.

After all these years, is Kenny Hills today deserving more attention than it used to be and is it looking to get even better in the days to come? It is only right to say that the value has definitely appreciated over these years and there’s a lot more value to it given where it is now and given that more people are moving in, shares Aaron.

Admittedly, the robust economic expansion among the community’s private and public businesses has certainly helped in attracting the right crowd in. Coupled this with new developments such as Tijani, Kenny Vale, Kenny Hills Residence, it would be a no brainer then to expect them to fuel the real estate market’s next wave of development. But the million dollar, or in this case the billion dollar question is, will Kenny Hills regain its majestic empire glory of its yeteryears with today’s revival? Well, the writing is already on the wall.

Some of the new projects in Kenny Hills

Kenny Hills Grande
Property Developer: Sendiman Sdn Bhd (SP Setia Bhd Group)
Property Completion: Completed
Property Type: Bungalow land; Gated – 8 plots; Non-gated – 4 plots
Land Tenure: Freehold
Plot size: 17,039sf – 43,562sf
Built-up: 3,627sf – 6,738sf

Kenny Hills Residence
Property Developer: Sime Darby Brunsfield Kenny Hills Sdn Bhd
Property Completion: August 2013
Property Type: Condominium (4 blocks of 5 storeys)
Land Tenure: Freehold
Total Unit: 63
Price: RM3,284,800 – RM7,387,800
Built-up: 3,627sf – 6,738sf

Kenny Vale
Property Developer: Tan & Tan Developments Bhd
Property Completion: 2003
Property Type: Residential Land
Land Tenure: Freehold
Plot Count: 9
Plot Size: 11,716sf to 27,942sf
Total Site Area: 4.5 acres

Arata of Tijani
Property Developer: Bolton Group
Property Completion: December 2013
Property Type: Condominium (3 blocks of 10 storeys)
Land Tenure: Freehold
Total Unit: 100
Launch Price: From RM1,581,000
Built-up: 900sf – 2,411sf  

Tijani 1
Property Developer: Bolton Group
Property Completion: 2001
Property Type: Bungalow
Land Tenure: Freehold
Total of Unit: 33
Plot Size: 10,500sf – 55,000sf
Launch price: RM220psf
Sub-sale Price: RM2,300,000 – RM4,600,000

Tijani 2 North
Property Developer: Tijani (a subsidiary of Bolton)
Property Completion: January 2009
Property Type: Condominium (5 blocks of 3 low-rise blocks, a 9-storey block & 17-storey block)
Land Tenure: Freehold
Total Unit: 154 units
Total Site Area: 7.4 acres
Built-up: 2,827sf – 5,644sf
Sub-sale price: RM1,530,900 – RM4,500,000
Rental: RM5,300 – RM17,500

Tijani 2 South
Property Developer: Tijani (a subsidiary of Bolton)
Property Completion: Completed
Property Type: Semi-D & Bungalows
Land Tenure: Freehold
Total Unit: Bungalows – 10 units; Semi-D – 44 units
Sub-sale price: RM2,250,000 – RM7,600,000
Rental: RM8,500 – RM18,000
Built-up: 4,630sf – 7,400sf


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