To Greater Heights

Damansara Heights is garnering a reputation as one of the poshest places to live in KL or arguably Malaysia. People claimed it to be the Beverly Hills of Kuala Lumpur. When I asked the Damansara Heights’ specialist–Eugene Liew who founded Space Realty, “What would you call it?” “I would say Toorak in Melbourne, Belgravia or Kensington in London.”

“Nobody expected the neighbourhood to be where it is today,” claimed Eugene. High concentration of wealthy people, low density, greeneries, strategic location and premium address are all the key factors. The classic old houses with big land were starkly juxtaposed with contemporary and sophisticated bungalows, reflecting its history as the place high-ranking civil servants retired to.

‘You buy a Ferrari when you want to be somebody, you buy a Lamborghini when you’re somebody.’ This witty slogan from Lamborghini’s advertisement applies to addresses as well. In order to be somebody, sometimes what it takes is to live among them. The high demand remains as the new rich aspire to share the same address with some of the most prominent figures in the country. So what’s the gist? You need to earn about RM100,000 per month to keep the dream alive.

It’s located close enough to town to get everything you need, far enough to make you feel like you’re the only people on the planet. Newly built homes in the area range between RM4 million and RM7 million. A smaller lot on a good street could fetch up to a good RM850 per square foot. Jalan Setiabakti 5, 6, 7, 8 and Jalan Setiamurni 8 and 10 command the highest due to high grounds and the view you get.

d-heights 4
GREEN & LUSH :: one of the wide streets in the neighbourhood


Take, for instance, this particular bungalow which boasts 12,500 square feet of land and 8,000 square feet of built-up, it is one of the most expensive houses (listed at RM8.8 million) in the secluded area. It is currently configured as seven bedrooms and nine baths, with a separate studio apartment on the street level that could be used for guests or as office space.


It doesn’t lack anything that a luxurious and lavish crib should’ve–a B-shaped pool, barbeque area, water feature, guard’s quarter, music studio, en-suite bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, lots of space and light. There are three outdoor spaces, including two landscaped gardens on the ground floor and a roof garden. In the spacious master bedroom, a deep-soaking outdoor jacuzzi is on display – a sexy focal point for the room. Every nook and cranny was tailored to the residents’ needs by a French designer.

Throughout this elegant bungalow, there is an understated appreciation of good taste, timelessness and a sense of real calm. The Zen aesthetic blends seamlessly with the contemporary pieces – truly an enclave of serenity.

Nothing revitalizes tired bodies and minds like a solace bath.


Music On. World off.
Theoretically, how the residents live affects the requirements of the neighbourhood. When it comes to lifestyle, the more outgoing residents tend to have the upscale Hong Konger attitude to socialising – they go out to eat, drink and hang out in golf club (in this case–Kuala Lumpur Golf and Country Club). With Damansara City project coming in sight, it is just about to get better.  A 5-star hotel, Grade A office building, high-end eateries and luxury boutiques are all flocking in the vicinity to meet the needs of the residents and at the same time, attract new tenants. That said, Damansara Heights is ready to undergo its biggest urban overhaul in years.

“Changes are good. With new facilities, it changes the landscape of the area, it offers people with the change of lifestyle,” Eugene continued. It’s definitely taking Damansara Heights to greater heights despite not being well received by residents. The residents are worried that the new developments might affect their sanctuary and cause congestion in the future. Prior to the completion of Louvre Pyramid in 1989, a large majority of French citizen were hostile to the idea but look how that turned out – it became Paris’ most beloved modern landmark!