An Honest Mistake Goes Universal

Setting sights on local and regional reach.

The local music scene just received an injection of pop-punk awesome, as An Honest Mistake just signed on with music giant Universal Music. The immediate perks? Leveraging on Universal Music’s global presence and resources (befitting the name) to expand the band’s influence.

This includes an upcoming single that will be accompanied by a music video, set to appear within these couple of months.

“Right now, we’re open to a lot of things. Malay songs, I’m cool; even Tamil songs!” says Darren Teh, lead vocalist/guitarist.

The current lineup comprises 4 members: Darren Teh (lead vocals/guitar), Leonard Chua (electric guitar), Tomas Tam (bass), and Ian Ng (drums).

Yes, it’s the same Ian Ng who’s working in UPPRE. This is probably the closest I’ll get to working with a celebrity, I guess.

“Today marks a special day as it is a milestone for the band and myself. All those hard work rehearsing and playing countless shows paid off. From now on, we are moving to greater heights, and it is also because of everyone that supported us since Day 1. Thank you!” – Ian Ng

L-R: Tomas, Darren, Ian, Leonard.

So, why did Universal Music pick AHM?

“We cannot miss this opportunity,” replies Kenny Ong, Managing Director Malaysia and Singapore, Universal Music. “The focus of Universal is the local acts – the international act just happens to be a byproduct. Every Universal office focuses on their own country. When the local act is successful, we export them. We’re going back to our roots. We have been aggressively signing local artists for the past few months.”

AHM with Kenny Ong, Managing Director Malaysia and Singapore, Universal Music (3rd from left) and Mohd Farriz Izzuan, Head of A&R, Universal Music Malaysia (far left).

An Honest Mistake is a no-brainer to sign!

For AHM fans looking through this article for a hint about their upcoming single, here’s one from Leonard. “There’s something new that we’re doing this year, apart from the new single – there will be no more long titles.”

“Before the radio announcers hate us!” Darren quips. ◆

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