Flying High With A ‘WAU’ Factor

This is where traditional and modern combine…on a can.

In such a dramatic ambience, the surroundings of Ruyi & Lyn Restaurant located in Bangsar Shopping Centre were lit up with red and blue spotlights signifying the signature colours of Red Bull. This was what we first noticed last night while munching on some canapes. There were delectable mango sticky rice, fried mushroom, Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice served by the restaurant. Interestingly, they were all mini! In line with the event, there were decorations of the Wau Bulan – the whole reason Red Bull had this event in the first place.

Redbull Red Moday 2016 March - AIA_3299 - Photo by All Is Amazing
Refrigerator designs by artists. From left: Kenji Chai, Fritilldea and Katun.

On this eventful night was when the limited edition cans that depict the celebrated Wau Bulan were launched. Designed with a modern twist, the patterns were intricately drawn without compromising the details of unique floral motifs that tells the story of the Wau-maker’s emotions, journey and achievements.

Paying homage to Malaysian traditional arts and crafts, the emblematic design of the Wau Bulan on the can was designed by home-grown artist Fritilldea whose iconic arts and illustrations have been seen by the Malaysian society.

Redbull Red Moday 2016 March - IMG_2029 - Photo by All Is Amazing
Fritilldea : The man behind the ‘Wau’ design.

He is also responsible for some of the interesting wall art along a few streets in Kuala Lumpur and some hung in the National Gallery as well. ◆

Photo credit: All Is Amazing 


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