Talking food with Shantini — the Culinary Director of Huckleberry Food & Fare

Let’s call him Finn! Finn is absolutely charming, witty but completely laid back, very approachable, warm. A bit of a life wire!

Shantini Sabapathy, Culinary Director of Huckleberry Food & Fare

Finn is the imaginary host of Huckleberry Food & Fare. Finn takes food seriously.



Love at first bite is not a myth.

For the F&B group, it means a strategy of creating timeless products that ‘people can experience with every sense’ – touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. ‘Forming an awesome and lasting relationship with all their guests’ has became their ultimate goal. There’s no doubt why the restaurant seduces visitors from all walk of life.

Shantini Sabapathy, Culinary Director of Huckleberry Food & Fare

How did it begin?
About six years ago, with just pure passion for food and no experience in any F&B businesses.  A little bistro in Damansara Heights called Mezze Bistro. Approach was straightforward – very focused, a lot of common sense and pure passion.

Is there anything else that you’d like to change in the local food scene?
Too many! But at the top of list — quality, care and respect for good ingredients from consumer viewpoint or perception.

From start to finish, what would be your ideal food day?
For breakfast — a Huckleberry Granola or croissant depending on whether I am feeling nice or naughty. Lunch is my main meal of the day so this could be anything from a chicken sandwich at Huckleberry or something local either home cooked or beef noodles from Mezze. Dinner would be light, a superfood salad or omelette at home, accompanied with a very cold glass of white wine.

In the same vein as ‘what is the new black’ in fashion, what’s trending in food right now?
Street Food! Innovative twists, wacky combinations of comfort food cleverly reinvented into casual dining concepts.

What’s a go to weeknight recipe for you?
A beautiful omelette and a slice of crusty sourdough bread.

Your favourite place to eat:
Mezze and Huckleberry of course; Le Esquina and PS Café in Singapore;  Roka in London.

What are the things that you are passionate about?
Anything that involves good food.

Best advice you have ever received and from who…
A very close dear friend “Stay true and persevere! They will come around.”

What is a one question you wish people ask more often?
Are there any processed ingredients in this dish?



The good life is …
Good food, good friends, good health!

Huckleberry Food & Fare

2G & 4G, Jalan Medan Setia 2,
Plaza Damansara,
Damansara Heights,
50490 Kuala Lumpur.

7:30am – 6pm, closed on Mondays


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