The Excalibur of the Road

This is not one for the show-offs.

The British marquee, perhaps timed perfectly with Her Majesty’s 90th big day, it has unveiled the brand new, more dynamic and lighter performance-driven Jaguar XF. As the curtain raised this morning, temperatures rose incessantly.

(L-R) Jaguar Land Rover Malaysia Operations Director Steven Teo, MD Datuk Aishah Ahmad and Head of Aftersales Nicholas Fitt with the All-new Jaguar XF.

A car made 75% of aluminium, it promises speed and agility without the fear of a crushing can. This is motor engineering at its peak in the modern history of Jaguar.

The XF R-Sport. Sleek and sporty in Polaris White.
The XF is equipped with technologically advanced features that befit its status as a premium business sedan.
Seamless blend of contemporary luxury materials and finishes, traditional Jaguar craftsmanship and state-of-the art technology.

With such technological wisdom, still it is a car suited for both the ladies and the chaps. It has an unequivocal length and dynamism to outwit the 5’s and the E’s although it shan’t scream as haughty as gold plated Chinese blings. In fact, as far as finesse goes, from the trims, the engravings, the emblems, the sexy motorised touches, this is not a car for the show-offs, not now; never.

The XF in Italian Racing Red.
Elegance redefined – Ultimate Black.

The test drive evoked emotions and senses even on the shorter route and rougher neighbourhood. But it cruised and harkens whenever your blood rushes through; as responsive as a cat would under pressure.

At RM450,000 and up, The Jaguar XF is one for those who have arrived….and if you’ve bought it for the missus, mate you’ve got it checked!


The Jaguar XF comes in two variant forms: Prestige (RM450,000) and the R-Sport (RM460,000) and they are available in 10 exterior colours. Prices include GST – excluding registration, road tax and insuranceVisit for more information.

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