These Fuzzy Boys are Pursuing a Private Jet

“Do we get a Grammy now?”

With the likes of Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Daft Punk, Muse, you would expect this new band to hit the charts soon (well, in my opinion).

Hailing from New Delhi, India, FuzzCulture comprises of vocalist cum guitarist, Arsh Sharma and drummer Srijan Mahajan. Instead of actually categorising their music to one genre, they would label it as a mix of pop and hip hop with a hint of rock with some synthesising. Think Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Kendrick Lamar with a mix of Deftones, Flume and others.

“Our music is slightly aggressive. Slightly.” – FuzzCulture.

Now, why ‘FuzzCulture’ you ask? Beats me. Hence, when had the chance, I asked. Here’s part of the conversation:

Esther: So, how did the name ‘FuzzCulture’ come about?

FuzzCulture: Well, it’s because it is easy to be Googled! Simple!

Esther: Meaning, it is easy to understand?

FuzzCulture: Nope, Googled. ‘Fuzz’ means distortion and ‘culture’ is just added to make it easier to be Googled. And if you googled those two words, you’ll get an idea of what we are with a little bit of aggression in it.

Couldn’t agree more.

This quirky duo started off as friends since high school – from 14 years old and counting. Ever since then, they had separated and gone their own ways after they had entered college. After four or five years later, they met up again finally for what we would call in our culture, “yum cha” and decided that they should do something together. Thus, voila, pop goes FuzzCulture.

FuzzCulture’s latest album; “No”

They feel that they can do much better in order to getting people on board to listen more to this genre of music that they play and only consider themselves successful when they say they own a private jet with their logo on it. Therefore, in order to make a step or two to making their dream a reality, they’re releasing two new EP’s – a remix EP which is a music mix for a few bands that include Malaysia’s very own local band Army of Three, and a two-song-collaborative EP in August. After that another tour and a new album with Universal in January 2017.

FuzzCulture performing at the #AsianConnection at Laundry Bar.
“Do we get a grammy now?!” – Arsh of FuzzCulture.
Master of percussion and solid beats, Srijan of FuzzCulture.

Their advice to aspiring musicians, “Do something good for everybody and better if it involves music. Stop slacking and using music just to party. It’s not entirely about that. It’s about enjoying, appreciating music together with life. Treat it well and it will pay you back in a good way too.”

You can follow FuzzCulture on their various social media pages:

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