Will You, the Beauty for this Beast?

It’s little wonder that they call it “The Beast of Dufftown”.

Hailing a history which can be traced back 190 years, this giant of the whisky world has not only stood the test of time – but has returned with all the rigour of its official code name, “The Beast of Dufftown”.

Georgie Bell_Image B_1900p
Mortlach & Georgie Bell. A seamless combination that exudes luxury and elegance.

Mortlach is secret no expert ever wants to share. For years it has made its mark in some of the finest whisky blends around, known only to those ‘in the know’ and savoured in its purest form by a select few. What was considered a privilege by many, is now here to be discovered. With a recent relaunch across Asia, Moët Hennessy Diageo proudly presents this bold and unapologetic gem to be reckoned with.

Getting down to business

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, it’s probably one of the best single malts I’ve ever had the privilege and pleasure of savouring. It is bold, unapologetic and incredibly romantic.

Then there’s Mortlach’s highly charismatic brand ambassador, Georgie Bell, whose passion for great whiskies and the history of their makers brings something refreshing to the overall experience: Georgie is an expert, pure and simple – she knows her stuff and she really is a fan. She takes you with her through the journey and she knows that each sip is every bit as precious to you as it is to her.

Mortlach Launch_I
Georgie Bell with Rajesh Joshi, Marketing Director of Moët Hennessy Diageo Malaysia.
Mortlach Launch_D
Georgie Bell brings the guests on an interactive Mortlach journey as they submerged in the story and the rich illustrious heritage of Mortlach.

Georgie is often referred to (in closer circles) as the “Beauty who tamed the Beast”.

Mortlach Launch_C
Cocktails by IKKI’s superstar mixologists, inspired by Mortlach.

About the elixir

In 3 words: Magnificent. Muscular. Rich.

It beckons those quiet moments, after a long day, when you finally get a little time to yourself. There’s nothing smoother than the initial sip that warms the insides with an enduring comfort, only ever experienced with the best of the best. The golden liquid, thick and viscous, traces the glass as it’s swirled to reveal a depth of character that is supremely elegant, charming and romantic.

The 18-Year-Old

Mortlach - 18-Year-Old_B-JPG

Flavour notes: Cherry/Tobacco/Cocoa Nib/Red Date/Christmas Spices/Dark Chocolate/Burnt Orange

Best enjoyed: On special occasions. Imagine yourself in a Scottish castle with rain thrashing against the windows on a cold winter’s night.

Mortlach - 25-Year-Old_B-JPEG

The 25-Year-Old

Flavour notes: Chamomile/Orange Blossom/Vanilla/Liquorice/Rose Petal/Roasting Spices

Best enjoyed: To mark a milestone. In Georgie’s words, before you take that first sip, just think for a moment about what you’ve done over the last 25 years. Your first taste will be an experience to remember. Savour it graciously.

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