Kick, Jump, Punch, RUN!

Be healthy…in a fun way!

Beauty is temporary. However, it can last if one’s health is taken care of by having daily exercise routines, be it just by running, going to the gym or even yoga. Breaking a sweat sure feels good. As endorphins are released by the pituitary gland of the brain, it helps to relieve stress and in a chain reaction, makes emotions better too. For some, taking part in marathons is a way of keeping healthy and reaching euphoria.

One run that anyone and everyone can take part, yes, including children (ages 12 and above) is Dragon Run. This fun run has been seen in a few countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea, Taipei and Japan. Being a yearly marathon, the event brings out the dragon in you as the race is a combination of running and martial arts! Transcending from the hybrid of both of the subjects, it creates a fun yet challenging time for all those who take part.

Action Packed

As you run through the route, get ready for martial arts inspired obstacles in five styles – Dragon Style, Muay Thai, Sumo, Tae Kwon Do and Jeet Kune Do.

Obstacle 1

Dragon Gate & Giant Dragon

First obstacle. Do you dare enter the dragon’s lair?
Enthusiastic participants left these behind in the heat of the moment.

Inspired by Dragon Kung Fu, this obstacle with definitely get your adrenaline started. Climbing ‘into the dragon’ will test your endurance, balance and agility. Face it up!
Obstacle 2

Elephant Gate & Palm Tree Forest

Get ready to combat through the Palm tree forest in a setting of enigmatic Thailand. Meet with two giant elephants guarding the Palm tree forest before you enter and learn the secrets of Muay Thai.

Two golden elephants greet you as you reach an obstacle.
Palm Tree Forest. Release your stress!

Obstacle 3

Boxing Ring

Agility testing to its core. Show your fastest move and kick and punch few targets at once! Also brushes up your Muay Thai skills.

Practice your punches and get some triceps and biceps.

Obstacle 4

Dojo Gate & Drill Mats

This time, bringing out your Taekwondo skills and the most of your leg workout, follow the footsteps on  specially designed mats and add in some kicks as high as you can. Before that, bow before you enter the Dojo gate as a sign of respect.

Fancy some leg workout?

Obstacle 5

Kick Maze

Find your way through a maze while getting your heart racing with some kicks through every door. Test your mind and body.

Linora Low Kick Maze

Obstacle 6

Giant Sumo & Sumo Wobble

A giant Sumo wrestler welcomes you at the entrance. Then, do as the Sumo wrestlers do – PUSH through the wobbly sumo heads!

Pumped up participants with the giant sumo.Can they beat him?
Participants going against the giant sumo wobbly heads.

Obstacle 7

Sumo Pool

Test your balance and power with good timing. Try to stay dry!

Run but don’t slip and fall.

Obstacle 8

Yin Yang & Water Gate

A symbol of energy balance, that’s what the Yin Yang Gate is. Then, head through the water gate to cool down after heating it up with previous obstacles. Balance is key after all.

Yin Yang Gate Jeet Kune Do
Yin and Yang.

 Obstacle 9

The Thunderstorm

You’re almost there – the finish line that is! Before you do, face water in another form. Give 100% concentration and balance and you’ll make it through.

Obstacle 10

Big Boss

Finally, as the name states, test all your skills that you’ve learned from other obstacles in this last and thrilling challenge and run through the finish line! Oh, remember to get your medal.

Big Boss (2)
Last but not least.
A group of participants taking part in a heart-pumping group exercise.
Who can miss this?
Little ones having fun.

Of course, there are for the fit and elder ones and there’s also some fun stuff for little ones too plus, not forgetting the most important of all; food and beverage section. All of which are situated in the Dragon Village.

No doubt that we had fun and everyone is a winner in this race. Now that this year’s race has wrapped up, let’s wait for another year, another venue.

Can’t wait!

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