Sate Lilit by BumbuBali

If you’ve been to Bali, you’d know the wonders cooks on that land could do. For Malaysian, Eddy Tan, he wanted to share his experience and also his love for food. Here is a recipe for one of their must-haves, Sate Lilit.

Chicken Meat 1.3kg
Prawns 400gm
Dory Fillet 1.3kg
Rempah Sate (satay spice mix) 800gm
Grated Coconut 200gm
Lemongrass stem (used as satay stick) – as many as needed

1. Blend together dory fillet, chicken meat and prawns till paste-like.
2. Once done, pour out the mixture into a bowl and mix well with the rempah sate and grated coconut
3. Then, take 50gm of a mixture and wrap around the lemongrass stem
4. Grill to perfection.

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