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Size does not matter!

If you can imagine the combination of perfume and body odor, then you’re up for a roller coaster ride on the scent scale.

I’m a perfume junkie. And if it’s the one thing I can’t do is leave home without a spritz of the fine smelling liquid that goes off while I am pulsating because first impression counts.  Of course, the level of intensity of the fragrance shouldn’t be a cause for you to feel nausea whenever it hits your nostrils.

All smiles. Adrian Cheong, founder of The Apothecary Malaysia

The growth of men’s products isn’t as quick as women’s. As such, Adrian Cheong plans to push it even more with a new range of products for an empowerment of personality and at the same time replace deodorants without having to bear the heavy cost of perfumes.

Many think that size matters – the bigger the better. No, it’s not what you’re thinking about, it’s about perfume bottles. The bigger the bottle, the better it is because of the length of time a bottle of perfume lasts. But, come to think about it, if a scent does not last long, you’ll tend to use more. Currently, Adrian is trying to break that stigma with a new line of solid scents – The Apothecary.

In the process...
In the process…
Almost done…

With extensive research and some interest in fragrance, came the birth of Cornerstone, Maverick, Hot Shot and the latest, Colossus which is a premium scent.  With ease and convenience, each scent is wax based and is kept in a sleek copper-toned metal tin that is easily slipped into any pockets. What you get with the different names are different types of aromas derived from naturally-sourced herbs, spices, beans and plant extracts that distinct in personalities.



• A name that is lifted from the actual ‘cornerstone’ as it is the first stone that is laid to form a base of a building
• Represents leadership
• Woody, musky and spicy notes
Price: RM59.90



• Represents the adventurous and rebellious
• Starts off as a powdery scent and leads to a strong, leathery, tobacco note
Price: RM59.90

Hot Shot


• More for those who are cool in nature
• Has a fresh vibe
• Red apple, green leaves and a little floral notes involved
Price: RM59.90



• For the strong and commanding being with a characteristics of a true titan
• Citrusy fragrance with earthy notes of amber and musk
Price: RM75.00

Since the best things in life come in two’s like how salt comes with pepper, Colossus is paired with Cleopatra – a scent for ladies. As always, there is something that distinguishes an appeal of a product and for Cleopatra, is the bold red tin casing.



Price: RM75.00

Suited for the strong will powered women, it has a fresh floral fragrance with seductive scent of Golden Sandalwood.

It doesn’t stop here. Looking into the future, it looks bright with more to come. Of course, we can’t tell you but do keep on the lookout for more great stuff from The Apothecary.

If you’d like to check out The Apothecary, log on to or pop by any stores listed here.

Product photos: The Apothecary Malaysia.

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