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There is a nugget of wisdom lurking around the Internet: dedicate a small amount of your paycheck (if you can afford it) to update your wardrobe every month.

Solid advice, but fashion and personal style aren’t exactly my strong points. Thanks to the help of a friend (it has a hashtag of its own, #projectsexychub on Twitter), my current wardrobe now fits me a bit better, which consequently makes me look a bit more…attractive, I think(?).

So imagine my delight and surprise when I found out that someone adapted the fashion subscription box concept from the States (like Birchbox Man, Five Four Club and Bombfell) to our local shores. You mean I can now get new clothes without leaving the comfort of my office chair? Sign me up!


Local startup Styled Crew aims to offer male personal styling in an effortless manner. It shares its basic premise with Trunk Club in the US: choose the items you want to try, and pay only for the ones you keep. You get your very own “personal stylist” assigned to you to help you along. More on that later.

Currently, Styled Crew only serves discerning men aged 18 and above in Klang Valley looking to step up their style game. They are looking into expanding to other regions, so stay tuned for updates.

Shoes, shirts, watches, belts – Styled Crew’s got you covered.

For the fairer sex, there is also Styled Club, which is essentially the same service, but for ladies. In fact, Styled Crew spawned after Styled Club – the former was only official just this January.

To start giving yourself a makeover, follow these simple steps.


Oh, and don’t worry about receiving sub-standard no-brand items. Brands like Converse, TOPMAN, Nike, ASOS, River Island and Malaya Co can be found in your periodical recommendations.

Price-wise, most of the items are relatively affordable, with shirts and trousers lingering around the RM100 to RM200 range. All these items are at normal price or slightly cheaper compared to what you find in shopping malls – bargain hunters should probably look elsewhere. Otherwise, solid offerings abound.

I’ve ordered two boxes so far, and each packed different items – from shirts to jackets to shoes and bags. I’ve allocated a small budget (around RM300) for each month, and I’ve got myself quite a find. I bagged myself a blazer, a shirt, and a pair of shoes from those two boxes.

Your order will come to you in this discreet brown box.
Yes, that is a tweed shirt underneath the two pairs of shoes.

Don’t get me wrong, the other items were great, they just didn’t quite align with how I wanted to present myself – one (really, really comfortable) shirt had the unfortunate side-effect of making me look like an Ah Beng gangster.

To me, Styled Crew is a risk-free approach to try out new items of clothing and styles, without the hassle of fighting for fitting rooms during the sales season. Through it, I get to stretch my boundaries a bit. My order style is half-and-half: Half of the items in the box are items I actually want to wear, and the other half is just me exploring oddball (to me, anyway) wardrobe choices.

So, for all the men out there looking for a stud makeover appeal, Styled Crew may prove to be just the right secret for you.

Photo credits: Styled Crew

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