The Boldest Dining Room In Singapore

The best way to dine at Tippling Club is with an open mind, let loose and be amazed by the flavour on your tongue. After all, taste-bud-tingling garnishes are delightful.

A facade of all things intriguing. Photo source:

These days, excitement is everywhere — at least on the plates in Tippling Club. It’s where magic happens when food comes together with science.

“I have an oath with my guests that I will never use the same dish twice,” said the celebrated chef and proprietor of what is surely the city’s boldest dining room. The British born chef is not so much about reaffirming a nation’s gourmet identity; he’s more of an inventor.

The man himself; Chef Ryan Clift.

Ryan’s interest in culinary arts was cultivated at a young age — 13. He found his way into the kitchen of a one Michelin-starred restaurant and fell in love with the dynamics and rigour of kitchen life. Later on in life, he moved up the rungs of the ladder very quickly. Before Tippling Club, he executed some of the most spectacular menus in Paris and London. Experiences in Michelin-starred restaurants has left him with immense passion to entice with new, daring food concepts. He then became the head chef of the most famous restaurant in Australia and has traversed the globe taking over the kitchens in five stars hotels, winning him widespread acclaim for its innovative brilliance.

‘Bold, fresh and creative’ is how Ryan would describe Tippling Club. What else is there to expect? Book three months in advance to avoid disappointment.

A delightful ambience.
Extensive choices.
This is where the magic happens – to a journey of modern gastronomy.
Eye-catching interior concept.
Exclusivity at its finest; the VIP lounge.

| On that pleasant surprise…

People come without knowing what to expect because we change our menu regularly. They come, they put their experience in our hand. We take them on a journey throughout the night.

| On not hanging up on the ‘signature’ tag…

I don’t like the word ‘signature’ because I like my food to evolve. That’s why I have the lab upstairs. For me, it’s always about pushing the boundaries, constantly evolving, giving my customers something new every time they dine with us.

| On getting everything on point

A space where people come – the menu they eat here is 3 months in advance of what we serve downstairs. The cycle goes on. It’s not like you get something (the food) that hasn’t been tasted and tried, its already developed. For the next three months, we are serving it 3 times a week. In the process, we are refining it, tweaking it, changing it.

| On love at first sight with heritage shophouses…

I fell in love with Singapore, I love the heritage. What we do here is so avant-garde and modern but I want the facade to be heritage. One day, I was just passing by and I saw this place. In an instant, I went: this is my card, I’m really interested.

Tippling Club
38 Tanjong Pagar Road, Singapore 088461

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