#AsianConnection – Take Two (Singapore)

Barely three years old, Singaporean band Take Two is making its mark in the indie scene, with catchy earworms complemented by psychedelic music videos.

Comprising Paddy Ong (vocals), Johnathan Lim (guitar), Tan Peng Sing (guitar), David Siow (bass) and Jeryl Yeo (drums), the quintet has regional reach, having played in various festivals in KL and Thailand.

We spoke to them during their recent visit in Kuala Lumpur, as part of “Asian Connection”, a monthly event featuring regional indie music held in Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Top: (L-R) Peng Sing – Guitar, Jeryl – Drums Bottom: (L-R) Johnathan – Guitar, Paddy – Vocals, David – Bass

So, the first and most obvious question: how did the band come about? “A lot of it was by chance and coincidence. We met in university and mainly covers. Eventually, we had enough of playing other people’s music and decided to make our own. That was three years ago, now we have an EP!”

PAIRS EP - Album Art
Album art for their PAIRS EP.

“When we first started out, we just wanted to play music for friends. When we started writing, that’s when we got more ambitious.” Looking at what they’ve achieved so far, it looks like that ambition paid off in dividends.

Beyond the musical instruments and funky videos, they also have secret identities, with jobs like tax consultant and civil servant, as well as working in places like market research, the finance sector and libraries.

With tight touring schedules, how has touring been? “Fun, informative, eye-opening, challenging, overall, good-lah… Really enjoy it!” Paddy replies. After Malaysia, the band heads back to Singapore for a few more gigs.

Where does Take Two draw inspiration for its songs? “There is a Force that binds all things…” David jokes. “Personal anecdotes, common life-changing experiences…” Paddy replies. The group writes as a collective, working off and adding on bits and pieces to form a complete song.

Before you read on, you need to watch Take Two’s music videos – they complement the songs, and they are (as I would call it) “trippy”. It’s not very often that you see a band pay so much attention to the visuals that complement their songs, so I had to ask them: what’s with the “trippy” aesthetic?

“It has to be trippy!… Say no to drugs; say yes to trippy videos!” The group jokes. But the band has always aimed to provide a visual feast to accompany the music. “We start with the medium first (whether it be projections or Pixelsticks), then we see what we can do.”

“Visually interesting, stimulating, not necessarily things that make sense…” is an apt summary done by Peng Sing.

In the coming months, the band will also opening for American band Walk the Moon, followed by a period of creating new stuff.

All set for world domination!

Get their debut EP on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/taketwopairs
Merchandise available here: http://taketwosg.bigcartel.com/

For more info about Take Two, click on the links below:
Website: http://www.taketwosg.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/taketwosg
Instagram: http://instagram.com/taketwosg
Twitter: https://twitter.com/taketwosg
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/taketwosg


Asian Connection is a platform created by Laundry for artistes in our neighbouring region, establishing a tour circuit for South East Asian bands by working together with promoters from the region and Laundry being the main spot for Kuala Lumpur.

Kicking off 2016 with a bang, #AsianConnection featured Take Two as the headliner, with supporting acts Nadir, Chirin Chirin and Son Of A Policeman (SOAP).


A newly formed 7-piece jazz fusion band, Nadir made heads turn and diverted everyone’s attention towards their performance. With diverse musical arrangements that include jazz, rock, traditional musical elements, and soaring vocals, Nadir started off with a BANG.


Up next was Chirin Chirin, a pop rock act with an energetic onstage performance combined with witty antics. They even presented a ‘knock-knock’ joke.

“Knock – knock.”
Who’s there?
“Chirin Chirin.”
Chirin Chirin who?
“We already played four songs and you all still don’t know who we are?

Well played.


Son Of A Policeman (SOAP) was next, an alternative rock band giving the audience a chance to rock out. They even played the theme song for the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. TV show; “I’ll Be There For You”. Nostalgia was definitely in the air.


Last but not least, Take Two took over the stage with their groovy tunes and catchy hooks which sent everyone dancing. Good vibes all around.

Asian Connection will be continuing in the month of February with a band that is for fans of pop punk (All Time Low). So keep your eyes on UPPRE’s social media sites and on Laundry’s social media sites as well. ◆