Need More Time?

Your wish is their command.


Everyone wishes they have more of it. Truth is, we all have 24 hours each and it’s just how we use it. But no matter how you plan, sometimes, it just isn’t enough and you wish you can have help from anyone, anywhere especially those working housewives.

Well, wish no more. There is someone (or should we call it something?) that can help us with our grocery needs. Meet honestbee:

As we enter the hive, we were asked, “To bee or not to bee?”. What do you think?
Info courtesy of blog.honestbee.

This grocery shopping bees are all out to give you the best hand-picked, freshest groceries in the ‘fastest time’ without compromising on quality from different stores like Fairprice, Cold Storage and Marks & Spencer – a unique trait that no other providers offer. Mind you, there are more than 40,000 items you can pick from. What’s more is the user-friendly website as well and they never cease to stop pleasing customers through different methodologies like conducting interviews and surveys in order to get feedback. Best part, it’s same day delivery and sometimes, same hour!


What is really interesting about this different cities is that they have different requirements, thus, it would require us to solve more problems and in this way, honestbee as a whole will actually grow and mature. As the technology improves combined with the data we have, we are able to provide more personalised services.” – Jonathan Low, Co-founder, honestbee.

They have also created delightful services and flexible jobs. They have created 1,200 jobs as of January 2016 comprising of both shopper and delivery bees. I was told that there are mothers who are bees too! The working times are flexible thus, they get to balance their time while juggling the tasks of a bee and mother.  I guess this is one of the reasons that the ratio of female to male bees are 55%: 45%. Shopper bees can earn up to $14 an hour (basic pay + incentives).

Honestbee seems to have a lucky charm for their funding. It is led by Formation Group where Sng is an advisor and working together with Brian Khoo (CEO of Formation Group), who is also the grandson of South Korean brand, LG’s founder. Other investors include Steve Chen (Youtube co-founder), Pejman Mar Ventures (investor company and Gideon Yu (ex-Facebook CFO). Honestbee managed to garner more than US$15million with this partnership.

Future definitely looks really interesting for this online-grocery store where they plan to expand to other cities like Indonesia. Of current, these bees can be seen in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan apart from Singapore. You might be thinking ‘but they’re not in Malaysia yet?’ Keyword: Yet. They’re looking to launch very soon.


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