No Green-Eyed Monster Here

In fact…it keeps you calm over a glass.

If you’re into whiskies, the name ‘Johnnie Walker’ wouldn’t be strange to you – especially single and blended malts. Right before the Raya holidays, we were invited to get a taste of the revived Green Label, a member of the iconic Johnnie Walker coloured labels. It was introduced in 2005 replacing Johnnie Walker Pure Malt. Thereafter, Johnnie Walker revised its range in 2012 by adding Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve and Johnnie Walker Platinum to the colour family and discontinued Johnnie Walker Green Label (except Taiwan). But worry not, this time round, Green definitely has better flavour. We know as we had a chance to savour our taste buds at Ojos Bar in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

Range of liquors at Ojos Bar. Take a pick.
What greets you as you walk through the doors.
JWGL_Media Hosting Session_C
Jeremy Lee, brand ambassador, Johnnie Walker giving his views on the taste of the revived Johnnie Walker Green Label.

Here’s a recap of Johnnie Walker brand…

1819 – 1857: John Walker’s father had passed away but with a fire in his belly and glint in his eye, he knew that the world isn’t the best place to be grieving too long and had opened a grocer’s shop, named John Walker’s Grocer after selling the family farm in the town of Kilmarnock.

With the love of single malt, he had never settled for any grocer’s whisky and started blending them together. John passed away in 1857 leaving his legacy with his son, Alexander.

1857 – 1889: With Britain going the Industrial Revolution, Alexander jumped on the opportunity. In 1867, he launched Johnnie Walker’s first Commercial blend – ‘Old Highland Whisky’ that was transported to ‘wherever ships could sail’ and before he knew it, this blend was available around the world. He switched to square bottles to reduce breakages and added a distinctive label, slanted at precisely 24 degrees. He passed on in 1889.

1889: Alexander left the company to two sons, Alexander II (master blender) and George (master businessman)

1909: They renamed their range of whiskies after colours of distinctive coloured labels – Red Label and Black Label. A leading illustrator, Tom Browne sketched an idea of a logo on the back of a menu and Alexander and George adopted the ‘Striding Man’ immediately.

1920: Johnnie Walker whiskies are available in 120 countries and idolised by many songwriters, filmmakers, celebrities and even statesmen.

1934: Johnnie Walker & Sons had been granted a Royal Warrant by King George V to supply whisky to the royal household and still do up till today.

Well, now here’s our experience. We had tried (in order) the Cragganmore, Talisker, Caol Ila and finally the Green Label. Here’s what we gathered from the first three very distinct shots:

Nose Palate Finish
(Speyside malt)    
Fresh (floral/fruity), some honey and vanilla Rich with a tinge of sandalwood and a light spicy finish Long malt-driven smoky finish with slight sweetness
(Isle of  Skye)
Woody and smoky with a hint of oak Warm, strong barley-malt flavours and dried-fruit sweetness Peppery with a slight appetising sweetness
Caol Ila
(Isle of Islay)
A ‘by the sea’ scent Smooth, pleasant feel with  a light peat smokiness Slightly sour finish


One more that is represented in Green Label is Linkwood with its distinctive Speyside malt that adds to the light garden fruit flowers and cedarwood notes.


91116-16859 caol_ila_12yo_ps IMG_9116_0 Talisker_10YO

To whisky enthusiasts, you would know these ‘fabulous four’ are single malt whiskies. But just a sip of the Green Label, and you’re in for a whole different experience – a blend of all those flavours in one. We definitely enjoyed the Spring Forest, a cocktail served by Ojos Bar especially for that evening  featuring Johnnie’s Green as the main ingredient paired with sumptuous bites. If you’d like to try it, it is available until the 31st of July 2016 exclusively at Ojos.

This golden liquid is retailed at RM 550 and available at all authorized distributors and majority outlets mainly in cocktail bars, speakeasies, resto-bars, hotels etc.

With the holidays then just round the corner, the experience really made our day. We hope that this time round, this label keeps on walking.

JWGL_Media Hosting Session_E
Spring Forest – lemon juice, orange juice, peach jam and egg white. Easy on the taste buds; lovely.



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