Chilled Out Hardware Store

Not your average ‘hardware store’.

Everyone loves a good cuppa. But one at a ‘hardware shop’ is an extraordinary one.

A look from the outside, just an ordinary factory building that houses a running business. But a step into the compound itself and you’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience with this coffee place by day and a bar by night. Not only that, there’s more to this café than what’s always been talked about.

What’s odd is that this café did not get its name because it WAS a hardware store, instead, collaboratively between the landlord and Papa Palheta (yes, the same one that runs Pulp in Bangsar) in honour of the hardware industry within the area, it was named ‘Chye Seng Huat Hardware’; it meant ‘to flourish again’.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware (CSHH) gives you a venue that is suitable for a de-stressing session be it with the loved ones or even solo. Its interior gives you a cosy feeling and the aroma of the coffee is simply divine, especially if you’re an “addict”. At CSHH, coffee enthusiasts will appreciate the different blends that give out the different flavours – Terra Firma, Nuts + Bolts, Throwback and Pay It Forward (PIF); all carefully and uniquely designed to give you a savoury cuppa’. In addition, there are single-origin beans that ooze distinctively pleasant aromas; namely Kianderi, Yukro, Suke Quto amongst others.

Not your average entrance.
Coffee place by day, bar by night.
Cosy little space for your little chat.
Yummie delights.

CSHH also does coffee roasting in The Roastery apart from selling brewing equipment and offering the C-Program – classes designed for aspiring baristas. As their roasters practise micro production methods, it allows them to be meticulous to every detail of acquiring tasteful cups of coffees that do justice to both the beans and farmers….because every coffee has its story…and thus they source for only the best beans.

Where the beans are roasted.
Beans the are roasted (and also separated from unwanted debris such as stones etc.)
Here, the beans are separated according to grades.


The C-Platform (a model in C-Program) in particular prepares baristas-to-be to concoct each cup as an enjoyable experience, especially for the customers. Programs are tailored according to the type of business too and this encompasses a coffee bar café, table service restaurant or just for you yourself alone.

Espresso Redefined Level 1
For home baristas. It teaches a solid foundation for proper espresso extraction and milk texturing. Consists of 3-hour session with 1-hour theory learning to have a hands-on practice on commercial Synesso and pro-sumer giotto machines.

Espresso Redefined Level 2
For experienced home of café barista. A 3 hours session focused on calibrating the taste of espresso with a 1-hour theory and another 2-hour practical on how to achieve proper grind size, dosage, tamp and temperature.

Prerequisite: Espresso Redefined Level 1

Black Brew Deconstructed Level 1
Appropriate for baristas interested in alternative brewing methods. A 3-hour session made up of 1-hour theory and 2 hours for practical.

Latte Art Workshop
For experienced baristas with solid foundation in proper espresso extraction and milk texturing who wish to work on their latte art skills.

Prerequisite: Espresso Redefined Level 1

WSQ: Provide Specialty Coffee Service
A WDA approved specialty coffee session that is designed to introduce core barista skills in the course of 3 days.

*All classes are limited to 6 students per class. T&C’s apply.

Learn to make a cuppa!
Teacher, how do I make a cup of espresso?
I did it!

CSHH also carries a range of coffee machines and other tools that serve to assist you in achieving the perfect brew. Each product bought comes with the necessary technical support & expertise and maintenance. What’s offered:

  • Synesso Commercial Machines
  • Rocket Espresso Machines
  • Marco Brewing Equipment
  • Mazzer & Baratza Grinders
  • Other accessories & maintenance tools
The Annex. Where all your coffee needs are met.



Although I might say I have a tiny bit of experience in coffee making, I’m far from the pros. But lucky us, we managed to have a short session (or should I say a crash course?) on preparing a perfect cup and earned the stripes for making latte art! Yes, we learnt one part of Espresso Redefined Level 1 and jumped straight to Latte Art!

Since I’m now a “trained” barista, I’m thinking about getting my own coffee machine. It would be so useful for this holiday season when I can go back home and froth my loved ones each a cuppa!

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
150 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 20756
+65 6396 0609

Tuesday to Thursday & Sunday
9am to 10pm
Last order for food – 9:30pm | drinks – 9:45pm

Friday & Saturday 
9am to Midnight
Last order for food – 10:30pm | drinks – 11:45pm

Closed on Mondays

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