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A sublime, modern design masterpiece within the metropolis of Jakarta.

Get transported into a realm of relaxation in the hustle and bustle of the capital city of Indonesia. Be it for travel or leisure, Four Seasons has recently introduced a new addition to the family. It features a centerpiece 20-story tower in the heart of Jakarta’s commerce, entertainment and financial district. It highlights the essence of Indonesia presented by a collaboration between architect Cesar Pelli, interior designer Alexandra Champalimaud and landscape architect Bill Bensley.

Inspired by the Indonesian principles of transparency, interior designer Champalimaud who is a member of the Interior Designer Hall of fame, she created a journey of discovery for guests as they venture through different parts of the hotel maintaining a balance of history, modernity and surprise. What catches your eyes is the fusion of modern Indonesian artwork with murals of old Batavia, French classical lines, hand painted gold leaf ceilings, Eastern European chandeliers and traditional Javanese stonework and sculptures.

In the meantime, while wanting a more ‘in touch with nature’ feel, Bensley created lush greenery around the hotel that seamlessly integrate with the opulent interiors as it creates a tone (colour) while experimenting new languages of form. His signature piece; 19th-century French art-deco architectural details within the outdoor swimming pool and pool bar area. He is also a fan of rich paving, hanging daybeds, intricate trellis seating areas, carved stone fire torches and bronze sculptures. His philosophy of landscaping is to do the unexpected, never repeat or form; be unique.


First impressions are key, with guests enveloped by the spirit of the space upon arrival, being inspired and awed as they walk into the impressive entrance.  Importantly it retains a sense of the contemporary– a fitting allegory for the modernistic face of Indonesia’s effervescent capital.

Lobby with friendly staff to welcome you.
Foyer – first step into luxury
Art pieces all around

The 125 guest suites are a play on the introduction of international culture to Jakarta, such as the Dutch in the 17th Century. The suites capture the reciprocal nature of Asian/European cultures influencing each other.

Presidential Suite – Dine like a king.
Presidential Suite – Four-post bed that offers nothing but comfort.
Suite – For the modern and stylish traveller.
Suite – Perfect view of Jakarta skyline

Meeting Places

Palm Court – Given the circular nature of the building’s exterior and the space bathed in generous light, Champalimaud wanted to create a very strong space that would be both monumentally graceful and seductive, all at once.

A place to be for an ideal meal.
A place for a perfect cuppa.

Salons – At the top of the grand main staircase are “His” and “Hers” salons. These spaces speak to the graceful historical culture of Jakarta and Indonesia, where women and men’s differing habits and preferences are honoured.

Ideal for meetings or events.
Also available for separate gender-centered events and meetings.

La Patisserie – The design of chocolatier La Patisserie is very intimate, glamorous and feminine, an elegant, robin’s egg blue salon with the feel of an upmarket jewelry store.

Chocolate lovers will be exhilarated!

Nautilus Bar – The dominant design features of Nautilus Bar are the stunning art mural, depicting Jakarta’s old Sunda Kelapa trading port and its impressive backlit wall displaying various bottles. The undulating carpet design continues the nautical theme, depicting the surrounding oceans and seas.

Have a drink as sailors do.
Style. Quality. Excellence.

Library – Comfortable seats with hidden away banquets crowned with incredibly high ceilings featuring gorgeous, hand-painted gold leaf tiles. A perfect place for a private chat without being detected.

Keep calm.


Relax and unwind at the hands of talented and experienced masseurs as they massage your stress away.


Displaying contemporary art, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta presents throughout its public and private spaces a carefully-curated collection of works by contemporary and historic artists. Themed ‘Indonesia – The Spice Island’, ‘Sunda Kelapa’ and ‘Welcome to Batavia’, the art pieces exhibits the cultural essence of the capital while paying homage to the very early days of the city.

On the second floor, it shows the golden age of Dutch colonialism with artworks collated as ‘Batavian Heritage’. As guests move towards the fifth floor, it introduces ‘Indonesia’s Finest’ that depicts the evolution of Indonesia into a great, unified country. On levels 6-19, ‘Jakarta- City of Diversity’, mainly the Javanese culture, is portrayed through Betawi pieces in the guestroom suites, East and West Indonesian works in the Luxury Suites and Balinese influences in the Presidential Suite. On the top floor, ‘Jakarta – The Urban City’ envelopes the modernity of the city with historical artworks.

Art – an essential in Four Seasons Jakarta.
Intricate details displayed by the art around the premises of the hotel.
Details of Western colonisation is also shown in the art.

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