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A SPACE that you can count on for the most comfortable home with modern design.

A worthwhile drama that you can create in your home that keeps guests talking. This is what you get when designing your home with stylish furniture from Space. With pieces from Arflex, B & B Italia, Maxalto, Giorgetti, Carl Hansen & Son and many others, Space creates harmony between forms and function, all to give meaning to the saying, “A home is where the heart is.”

Since launching in 1993, with its first showroom opened in Sydney followed by Melbourne and Brisbane, Space came a long way with a total of five showrooms ‘spaced’ out to the Asia Pacific region. Singapore is the first Asian hub for the most progressive retailer of contemporary design. In 2007, they opened their latest and fifth showroom in Kuala Lumpur, currently located at The Intermark.

This state-of-the-art-design showroom recently introduced a new brand to their portfolio called SP01. The first collection of SP01 is by Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners (F + R), a Compasso d’Oro (most prestigious Italian design award) winning team. Of course, no prize for guessing where their design studio’s name stemmed from with Bruno Fattorini and Robin Rizzini make up the principal partners and co-founders the company.

With many collaborations of international stature such as Arper, Cor, Desalto, Extremis, Offecct, Poliform, Zanotta and more, there’s no surprise as to why F + R was chosen to position SP01 internationally. What’s more when they’re backed by a team of specialists from Europe, North & South America and Africa.

Why ‘SP01’? Some may remember a gun of the same name but F + R came up with a collection that could literally ‘shoot’ you out of your mind. ‘SP’ derives from an appreciation of all effort of every person at Space that is responsible for the collection while ‘01’ indicates a new beginning. It is a way of commemorating the very hands that have been part of the Space business for more than 12 years. No surprise then is SP01’s main vision that mirrors Space’s, which is to create meticulously attention-capturing designs paired with quality materials.


Extraordinary bookshelf
One-item colour pop.
Cozy and comfortable.
Warm tones for a warm home
Modern kitchen.
Feeling like a Don?
If I could live here…
A twist in a home for animal lovers.
Office essentials.
For the office or even the home. You pick.

Thanks to the team at Space, we managed unearth some intricate thoughts behind SP01 from Matt Lorrain, Head of Design and Product Development.

Tell us, what made you go into this business? 

I was broke and needed money – kidding! Growing up, I was always interested in design and art. I studied furniture design at RMIT in Melbourne and worked in the interior design field for several years. I particularly love furniture because I think more than any other design object, furniture really captures the essence of its era. You can look at a piece from say, the 1920’s or the 1950’s and understand what was influencing society. 

Could you tell us more about how the business expand since inception in Australia? 

It’s been a fairly rapid growth, we launched in Australia and Asia concurrently in March this year selling through all Space stores. We have just launched our partnership in North America with our US partners, Modern Principle. Their studio showroom is based in Chinatown New York. We plan over the next 12 months to grow our distribution in North America to service the major “design” cities. By September next year we will launch in the UK.

Your furniture collection, where do they come from? Any known designers/particular quality you look for? 

We manufacture our products 100% in Italy, we have a number of factories under contract to SP01 who all specialise in certain materials or have particular manufacturing skills. We look for best quality for the collection and our standards are very high. Italy was the logical choice for us because the Italians still have the best production in regard to furniture and a flexible and collaborative approach to business.

How did Space come together with Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners to design the new SP01 collection? 

Interestingly enough, we were recommended to Metrica (formerly known as Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners) through Casper Vissers the ex-CEO of the Dutch design brand Moooi. Moooi had worked with Metrica as product developers for their Shift folding chair and were obviously impressed with their capabilities.  

What does SP01 stand for?

SP is a reference to Space furniture and in a way, a recognition of where our origins as a collection are. The 01 represents a new beginning, and so when you add the two parts together, SP01 is a new collection with a strong association to one of the best furniture retailers in the world and all of the collective experience this gives us.

Future plans for SP01? 

We have new collaborations in progress and a launch planned for the London Design Festival 2017. Before that, we are launching an outdoor collection around October this year. On top of this, we will be naming new retail partners in the USA and Europe over the coming 12 months. Really the speed at which we are growing is quite amazing – it feels like the collection is now generating its own energy and interest and now we need to make sure we can keep up!  

SP01 – a new collection by SPACE


Etoile side and coffee tables.
Thomas chairs.
Smith dining table paired with Thomas chairs.
Anita armchairs

Green thinking is one of Space’s philosophy which is why they have a program called Green Space, one that focuses on longevity and sustainability. While sourcing good quality materials, they also work with designers to conceptualise installations with sustainability in mind, varying in scale from urban planning to product design. SP01 is an evidence of the Green Space initiative where Ling, Anita, Clarke and Thomas (designs) have received the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) award.

And even before we warm up to the idea of SP01, it has continued to evolve with a second collection – SP01 Outdoor. And as the Space crew attempts to keep up with pace, we can’t wait to see what else this innovative furniture company has in store for us.

SPACE Showroom
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The Intermark,
348, Jalan Tun Razak,
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+6 03 2166 2212

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