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Latest watchmaker from across the pond charms with old school class and new age sophistication.

Some watches have rich historical backgrounds that span across generations while others simply come about in the most romantic of ways. The latest watchmaker to arrive on our shores – Henry London – falls in the latter category, with not only an origin story that will sweep you off your feet but also unique design features to boot.


The enchanting tale of Henry London began at a market stall in downtown London when two designers came across a 1960s vintage timepiece at Portobello Road Market. The classically-styled wristwatch turned out to be exquisite yet hardy albeit having suffered the ravages of time. The focal point of the timepiece, however, was the engraving on the case back, which simply read ‘Henry.’


Thence Henry London was born – ‘Henry’ to pay homage to timepiece zero and London as a reference to the brand’s place of birth. Well-inspired by the vintage timepiece, the watchmakers were able to produce a watch collection that wonderfully juxtaposes the classic and the new, retaining the old charm of the 60s with the sleek and sophistication of the new era, making the timepiece perfect for the modern millennial in search of a little bit of soul on their wrist.



The main characteristics of the new timepieces are unabashedly retro – acrylic dual-dome lenses, vintage-hued curved dials, lengthened hands, stainless steel case and elegant numerals over a Japanese quartz movement. Nonetheless, the throwback style of the watch is fast-forwarded to the future with updated straps and the various movements available for everyone to choose from. A unique feature of Henry London is also the personalisation factor – all of the timepieces by the watchmaker can be engraved on the caseback with the text and font of your choice.

The Knightsbridge – a deep midnight blue dial in contrast to a steel case.


The Stratford range unites classic watch design with fashion forward colours.


Named after the fashionable locale of Shoreditch, this collection is the perfect accessory for every lady.

Crafted as a celebration of idiosyncrasy, Henry London speaks to the stylish, the urban and the confident. The watchmaker says it succinctly: “Find your expression. Wear London your way.”

For more information on Henry London timepieces or to get your watch engraved, head to or check out their Instagram at for diverse style inspirations.

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