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House of Hennessy releases a new gift pack and welcomes its 8th generation Master Blender.

The perfect gift for the upcoming season of festivities may just be an amazing bottle of cognac. French maison Hennessy introduces a limited edition gift pack called Hennessy X.O and Ice, a celebration of the brand’s exceptional flagbearer paired with ice to reveal a multi-sensory tasting experience.

A limited edition gift pack evoking a modern way of drinking to experience and share Hennessy X.O to new heights.

An elegant fusion of heat and cold, the addition of ice into a glass of Hennesy X.O elicits the best of the drink as the smooth yet complex flavours of the X.O – layered flavours of candied fruit interlaced with distinct spicy notes – are revealed through its gradual dilution. When all ice has melted away, a robust structure of chilled cognac remains against the dilution – in lighter amber but with richer aroma.

Suitable for cognac enthusiasts as well as to entice new followers, the exclusive gift pack includes two new Hennessy X.O glasses designed by artist Thomas Bastide and a metal decanter adorned with wintry motifs to reiterate the frosty goodness of the X.O with ice.

A frozen and unique metallization of the Hennessy X.O bottle with festive labels.
A frozen and unique metallization of the Hennessy X.O bottle with festive labels.

A legendary name in the world of cognac, House of Hennessy recently commemorated the arrival of its 8th generation of Master Blenders by commissioning award-winning Belgian photographer Carl de Keyzer to capture the maison’s 250-year legacy of transmitting savoir-faire and passion with the theme of ‘How to Become a Master Blender.’

The new ‘Guardian of the Temple’ is Renaud Fillioux de Gironde who succeeds his uncle, 7th-generation Master Blender Yann Fillioux, following 14 years of apprenticeship. The special series of black and white photographs by Carl de Keyzer to celebrate the milestone feature the two Master Blenders in emblematic places at Maison Hennessy — from vineyard to cellar and cellar master’s office to the Tasting Committee.

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The limited edition Hennessy X.O and Ice gift pack will be available in all AEON stores from 1 January 2017 onwards. For more details, kindly e-mail info@mhdm.com.my or call (603) 2053 8688.

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