A Tribute To The Beginning

The Arrival of the Founder’s Reserve.

Scottish whisky stalwart The Glenlivet pays tribute to its founder George Smith with a smooth, creamy ‘new’ expression that has been 200 years in the making. Aptly called Founder’s Reserve, the latest member of The Glenlivet is set to be a permanent expression in the brand’s core range.


Boasting the classic fruity flavours of the maison, the Founder’s Reserve is dedicated to founder George Smith’s original vision to craft the definitive, smooth single malt whisky. As a way of paying homage, the new expression is put through the same distilling methods used way back in 1984, in unique wide lantern-shaped copper stills created by Smith himself almost 200 years ago.

As for its flavour, Master Distiller Alan Winchester has brilliantly complemented the fruitiness of the Founder’s Reserve with the creaminess and sweetness from the use of First Fill American oak casks. The result is an outstandingly well-balanced and smooth whisky from the distillery of the single malt that started it all, while staying true to the founder’s vision of creating the definitive smooth Speyside malt.


This exciting new single malt is presented in a clear glass bottle to highlight its alluring, pale gold colour. The packaging is fresh Georgian Blue in colour, with a look that feels both classic and contemporary. The new signifier for The Glenlivet, featuring the Packhorse Bridge which crosses the River Livet, appears on both the bottle ‘cartouche’ and on the lid of the carton, with George Smith’s signature proudly emblazoned on the front face of the box and bottle.

(L-R) Emmanuel Dokhelar, Marketing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia; Darren Hosie, Regional Brand Ambassador and Mentoring Manager of Chivas Brothers; SÈbastien Mouquet, Managing Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia; Ryan Poon, Sales Director of Pernod Ricard Malaysia, Benedict Yong, Brand Manager of The Glenlivet Malaysia.

For more information about the Founder’s Reserve or The Glenlivet, please visit www.theglenlivet.com.

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