Of Tuberose and Jasmine

Daughter to mother – an aromatic homage.

For a daughter, sometimes there is no bigger honour than continuing her mother’s legacy. It doesn’t ring any truer than with Carolina Herrera de Baez who has taken it upon herself to pay tribute to her mother’s legacy by reworking the brand’s first fragrance, the Carolina Herrera New York.

Carolina Herrera de Baez pays tribute to the 35th Anniversary of House of Herrera by reworking the brand’s first fragrance.

Formulated to commemorate the 35th anniversary of House of Herrera, the Creative Director of the maison has collaborated with Master Perfumer Carlos Benaim, to successfully capture 35 years of excellence into a numbered edition fragrance.

Harkening back to the founder’s Latin roots, the limited-edition reinterpreted version of the perfume emphasises on an overdose of jasmine and tuberose absolutes to push the iconic fragrance further out of its comfort zone, while of course still retaining the Carolina Herrera Confidential identity.

Boasting a modern twist while maintaining its core signature, the updated Carolina Herrera New York is unabashedly feminine, brilliantly bringing together the best of jasmine and tuberose. It also features notes allied with more markedly floral and citrus scents while promising an elegant and luxurious skin accord.

Top notes: A blend of fruity and light citrus-floral scents, amplified by a harmonious chord of white florals.
Middle notes: The impeccable pairing of Indian tuberose and Egyptian jasmine absolute for a carefree, summery vibe. Fun fact, these two ingredients have always been a favourite of Carolina Herrera, using them to mix herself her own perfume before her brand kicked off.
Base notes: Warm romantic notes of woods, ambergris and oak moss make for a delicate finish with a subtle depth.

The reworked Carolina Herrera New York fragrance is a tribute to the spirit of Carolina Herrera that speaks of inherent feminine elegance to women today.
The reworked Carolina Herrera New York fragrance is a tribute to the spirit of Carolina Herrera that speaks of feminine elegance inherent to women today.

The packaging of this edition is itself as luxurious as elegant, having been updated following the House of Herrera design line. The reworked Carolina Herrera New York is bottled in a transparent multifaceted flask of unparalleled quality which reveals the golden colour of the fragrance and boxed inside a satin laminated container.

To find out more about the allure of family and fragrance, please visit www.carolinaherrera.com.
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