The Little Brewhouse That Could

Singapore-born microbrewery is now serving delicious craft beers.

The merlion country of Singapore may not immediately come to your mind during a discussion on craft beers but out to change all that is the little brewhouse that could, or also known as the RedDot BrewHouse. The island nation’s first locally owned, independent commercial microbrewery, RedDot is now making gastronomical waves in the craft beer scene, capturing the hearts (and bellies) of beer drinkers from Asia and other parts of the world alike.

A product of microbrewing, or the act of brewing beer in small quantities to create a bespoke flavour, craft beer differs significantly from beer produced out of large-scale corporate breweries. According to the American Brewers Association, craft beer brewers are small (annual production of six million barrels of beer or less), independent (not owned by a bigger multi-encompassing corporation) and traditional (featuring unique and innovative flavours). That unique experience that each craft beer brings is what is sought after by true beer drinkers from around other world.

The idea to start his own craft beer came to Ernest – the founder and Brewmaster of RedDot BrewHouse alongside his daughter Brewmaster Crystalla – during his first encounter with beer brewing at the Kruger National Park in 1997. What was a mere kind gesture in the form of a home-brewed beer bottle in the sweltering heat of South Africa by two soldiers, provided Ernest with the inspiration and drive to bring the joy of homebrewing and bespoke beer closer to home.

Ernest & Crystalla, founders of Red Dot

Adding the colonial Singapore touch to the beers produced at RedDot are the locations. The RedDot BrewHouses at Dempsey and Boat Quay boast of rich military history and commercial heritage of early Chinese settlers respectively. What better way to enjoy beer, an age old historical beverage, than from equally historical buildings, which is now possible thanks to RedDot BrewHouse.

The testament to the strength of the Red Dot brand is the evident through the great reception that the RedDot Brewhouse Dempsey restaurant consistently receives. Serving delicious Italian and other European and Western fare, the eatery is a crowd favourite in Singapore among locals, expats and tourists alike.

Entrance to Red Dot Brewhouse.
Busk and enjoy in some lush greenery ask you dine.
Avocado, smoked salmon and cheese salad.
Crab meat pasta.
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Brewing factory in Melbourne

We had the opportunity to sit down with Brewmaster Crystalla, who is the director of RedDot as well as the first Singaporean Female brewmaster, during her recent visit to Kuala Lumpur.

What are Red Dot’s premium beers and how do they distinct from other brands in the market?

We believe that most of our beers are premiums because we take pride in an attitude of excellence as we give each beer an equal amount of importance. It is ideal that the beers that you brew now and one month down the road has the same consistency. We put forth a lot of effort – a lot of planning before anything is decided to make a good beer. We put a lot of care and concern into our products. Whatever doesn’t pass us, doesn’t pass the customers. To us, quality is utmost essential. Our products are also unfiltered and unpasteurised.

What was your vision when you first started brewing?

Well, honestly, I was only 12 at the time so I didn’t exactly know what was the vision. But along the way, what I wanted to do is to make the best beers that I could make. It is like cooking. You want to make the best for not only yourself but also everyone around you. It is about self-improvement – all the way to be one of the best brewers in town.

What’s in store for Red Dot in the future?

To make the best beers and also be able to share them around world. We’re looking into Malaysia, Indonesia, into South East Asia, generally as a burst of energy for us in order to be known as an Asian household brand because beer is usually associated with Western culture. We want people to know that Asians can brew too.

Special recipe.
Best of Singapore, Asia Beer Awards 2016.

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