Holiday Shopping with WJ & Co. (Part 1)

For the discerning men of the household.

For the fashionable men (and the fashionable ladies who buy items for said men), you might want to pay WJ & Co. in Bangsar Shopping Centre a visit. We’ve featured them in a previous story, and they’ve kindly listed some gift ideas this holiday season. For Part 1, the items and sets are priced up to RM500. Here are the potential goodies:

Bresciani Socks


Made in Italy and are 100% cotton, these socks are a welcome addition and complement to a gentlemen’s footwear.

Makr Copper Tumbler


Copper tumblers are where function and form meet – you’re going to consume a liquid anyway, so why not do it with a hint of pizzazz?

Saphir Shoe Care Products (Individual or Combination)


Taking good care of your shoes will ensure that they’ll last longer. WJ & Co. stocks various Saphir products and sets, based on your price point. You can either get standalone items…

Saphir BDC Gift Box


… or, if you prefer, a basic set that covers all the essentials…

Saphir Premium Leather Gift Box


… or if you want your shoes (and by extension, yourself) to look their absolute best, get this set instead.

Vanda Fine Pocket Squares


Coming in various colours and designs, these pocket squares will help you stand out in any occasion. Personal choice: get the breakfast one.


So that’s all for Part 1. For those intending to spend a bit more, stay tuned – WJ & Co. has just the gift ideas for you.

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