Scents Transcending Time and Space

Niche luxury perfume house Fragrance Du Bois is adding three new creations to its exclusive Prive collection, spurred by the success of its products, as well as wanting to expand its global reach.

The Prive collection was created for perfume connoisseurs who appreciate the finesse and craft of fine fragrance creation. And with only a limited number of bottles in circulation worldwide, these enigmatic perfumes are Fragrance Du Bois’ most prized creations.

The three new creations join the current lineup of Oud Noir Intense, Sahraa Oud and London Oud – ‘Parisian Oud’, ‘Heritage’ and ‘Amber Intense’. At the heart of the collection is 100% pure, natural, sustainably sourced Oud from Fragrance Du Bois’ dedicated plantations, guaranteed to be eco-friendly and of the finest quality.


Parisian Oud, inspired by the city of the same name, was created by perfumer Christian Provenzano. Leathery and delicately smoky, it kicks off with an opening gambit of cheerful spice provided by pink pepper and cardamom, followed by a top note of grapefruit, quietly tempered with subtle almond.

The body opens into a medley of florals, supplied by rose essence, white jasmine and geranium, before leather and Oud builds the fragrance into a complex, sophisticated symphony. Cistus labdanum and frankincense then add rich, resinous notes to a base that evokes an almost ethereal smokiness, with sandalwood and patchouli easing the ensemble into a ‘soft leather chair’ of a fragrance.


Heritage is the creation of Master Perfumer, Francois Merle-Baudoin, and celebrates – as the name suggests – the timeless style and heritage of haute couture. Befitting the name, it opens with notes of bergamot and floral aldehyde, yielding to a complex but approachable heart of sweet jasmine and powdery orris, augmented by hints of mystical frankincense.

At the base, cedarwood and sandalwood give the melange a comforting warmth, while the smooth, creamy vanilla and Oud provide remarkable depth and an almost hypnotic, long-lasting sense of wellbeing.


Lastly, Amber Intense is a reformulated expression of 2014’s Oud Amber Intense, and is said to embody the essence of a free spirit. It draws inspiration from the Orient, with its spicy, citrusy opening, carrying notes of bergamot, tangerine, black pepper and cinnamon. Flowers, fruity wood notes of neroli, rose, blackcurrant and patchouli infuse the heart, and are held together with an amber accord. The melange enraptures the senses, with a finish of musk, Peru balsam and Fragrance Du Bois’ signature 100% pure, natural Oud.

Parisian Oud, Heritage and Amber Intense (100ml) are priced at EUR695.00 (RM3,305) and will be available exclusively at Fragrance Du Bois’ soon-to-open European flagship boutique in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as at the houses of Jovoy in Paris, France and in Doha, Qatar .

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