The Filmmaker’s Home in Symphony Hills

“A home should be a home, with furniture revolving around the family and never too neat.”

Stepping into the house, its story plays out vivid. This is the home of a financial manager and his family; his wife who runs a small chain of eateries, a teenage daughter, a pre-adolescent son and his wife’s parents.

While he is a cinephile immersed in film-making, his wife experiments in the kitchen and throws dinner parties whenever she could. The kids, on the other hand, are like any other of their age, spending their time either on the computer or outside in the vast space around their abode.

However, just one important point – only the house is real, the family is not.


The complete, well-thought-out home of the fictitious six is part of the Schumann 2, superlink residences located in Symphony Hills, Cyberjaya’s leading urban residential development by UEM Sunrise. The housing project is a preferred choice by families seeking respite in the tech-centric city.

The inspiring showroom, on the other hand, is crafted by Andy Pang, a Malaysian interior designer with more than 20 years of experience ranging from furniture design to landscape art.

The designer himself; Andy Pang.


“The common trait for a show room is that it needs to feel and look good. However, we decided to take a different approach. We wanted potential buyers to feel like there are people really living here and that they’ve only stepped out for a while.”

Our tour begins downstairs, where a den of sorts awaits in the three-storey house. Dedicated for the elder generation of the family, the space comes with a fully-furnished bedroom, bathroom, laundry area, and sofas. It also turns out to be only living area in the house with a television.


The idea behind such a living arrangement is a noble effort on Andy’s part. “I spent a lot of time thinking about old people integration for social reasons. That’s why the TV has to be down here. It needs to be where the life would be so that the kids would come and play here.”

Sure enough there are toys artfully strewn around as well, allowing us to imagine affable grandparents spending quality time with their grandchildren. There is even a maid’s room so that the help would be of close proximity to the seniors. The best part is, the entire downstairs could also double as a private area for visiting guests.


The next stop is the spacious kitchen on the same floor as the entrance. The dry area of the kitchen has all the markers of a modern and sophisticated cooking space – sleek countertops and glossy cabinets in muted colours. A step away is the wet kitchen, finished with distinct panelling works for optimum ventilation.


Right outside the kitchen is the dining area cum living hall, where a lavish dining table stands at the ready for a wide array of delights. Complementing the wooden furniture are comfortable sofas facing each other that are sure to prompt meaningful conversations. After all, they are all arranged by Andy with that purpose in mind.


My main aim for this space was class. As we know, these are people who like to entertain.  So the key point I wanted to get across was the semblance of a place any homeowner would be very proud of.


The first floor of the absent family is equally well-thought-out as the other parts of the house. Comprising three bedrooms with attached bathrooms, the whole area also has the designer’s signature touches that play into the house’s storyline.

“The idea is that the family likes to read. So I added little book nooks here and there. And the Dad is also an amateur filmmaker, so he has all this retro cameras.” As expected, large cult-classic film posters hang on the wall, above vintage filmmaking equipment attesting to the designer’s attention to details.


He also brings his extensive knowledge of furniture into the film buff’s home. The son gets a multi-purpose desk which can be rolled back and forth converting it from a desk proper to a bedside table in a second. As for the daughter, we half-expected to see a tiny animal crawling inside the terrarium in her room. “Show units also serve to give people ideas of what they could do with their own unit when purchased.”



As we wind up our tour, we ask Andy what fascinates him about designing the interior of a show unit. “Storytelling is a very important part of design for me. I always feel the need to create a story and the house becomes the backdrop for the story. “

“I never liked show units that look fancy and you’re wowed when you’re inside but when you leave, it leaves no lasting trace in your mind. Whereas, a personal space when you go inside should tell a story. By looking at the things you figure out who this person is. Then it stays in your mind.”

Well, this trip to Symphony Hill is sure to stay in our minds for a long time. Maybe, the Father just took the family out for a movie…

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