Beauty with a Bang

Bang & Olufsen unveils its Multiroom Collection.

For the homeowner looking for an audio solution that goes beyond the usual wooden box aesthetic, Bang & Olufsen has the beautiful Multiroom Collection just for you. Whether you want it to blend into your interior, or you want it to stand out as an art piece in and of itself, the Multiroom Collection is sure to put a touch of style in your space. And we’re not even talking about the audio yet!

The collection comprises six wireless speakers, all meant to be positioned in different areas of your home. As per the name, they can connect to each other, so you can play the same tune in every corner of your home, or to a particular speaker, or, if you like a little bit of everything, play different music across the different speakers.

The speakers that make up the collection are:

  • BeoSound 1
  • BeoSound 2
  • BeoSound 35
  • Beoplay M5
  • Beoplay A9
  • Beoplay A6

Now, for the slightly geeky bit: you can play your tunes through your favourite music apps using Chromecast Built-in, Apple Airplay, or Bluetooth. To get the best experience, you can download the Bnag & Olufsen mobile app.

That said, it isn’t just limited to these six. It is possible to upgrade the system with new products over time, and if you already have older Bang & Olufsen products, they can join in the fun too!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a questionable music collection to play across my home.

For more information on the collection, head to

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