Legends in the Making

It was reflecting of Chris’ innate desires that by saying it repetitively of quitting, he actually inclines the reverse. Hence the Chris we see today is a culmination of all that he had pursued, beginning with law, embedded thick with it and still professing as one good counsel.

“Trust me” means you are trying to eliminate communication, so be careful of the word “Trust”. – Chris

Grateful for our friendship thus far, suffice to say I’m impressed no less by a man of his genuine faith when nothing can stop him in his tracks, not even the admission to hospital over Christmas and Chinese New Year as a result of his undying passion. Upon discharge, he re-prioritised for a balanced life, started on his own at Chur Associates more than a decade ago and juggled between his legal business and everything else around him including his biggest sacrifice – his wife Joanne and the loved ones at home.

…do us part…

As for how they want to be remembered when they make their exit from this world, Freda is taking it one plan at a time. Between her interest in social enterprises, her mentorship gig at MAGIC, BFM, her calling as a Communicator evidenced through all her successful communication endeavours, she’s firmly footed knowing the Father provides and guides. She will one day fulfil her life’s purpose when she leaves but for the time being, she will bask in the goodness of the day and what the season provides. On the not too distant future, this legend in the making is already looking at checking out Gawad Kalinga, a non-profit organisation in The Philippines whose ambition is to eradicate poverty and reduce slums from Manila’s city centre.

For Chris, it’s to hold a “rock concert in Wembley!”

And to be the Manager of Manchester United.

“When your cup is not full, you cannot do anything else. This thing, doing business and all, it’s all very temporal. So question is who is your anchor?” – Freda

On a more serious note though, this red devil aspires to one day impart his story so he could empower those who need it. And if he gets paid for it, wonderful! Joke’s aside, he is also looking at ways to rebrand the legal profession, beginning of course with his firm. This could be the best disruption in the making for an industry that is as boring as watching paint dry.

And finally, he aspires one day to become a father because “I think I have a lot to share.”

“Yes, ultimately,” as the lady puts it, “it’s not about what others will say about you when you pass on, it’s what your son or daughter will say.”



  • Look at the person, look at their values and it’s beyond chemistry, in fact chemistry is very dangerous.
  • If a person doesn’t have values in his personal life, it’ll permeate into the business. For example, if he/she cheats in life, he/she will cheat in business.
  • Clarify the goal before you proceed. For instance, if it’s about the product before money, then pursue product excellence first.

  • Collaboration is team work, as such team values are highly important, if partners don’t share the same values or most of it, you shouldn’t proceed.
  • If you’re already in a value-mismatched collaboration, best to exit, move on and rebuild with less resistance.
  • “How you do anything is how you do everything.” As such, best to spend some time and evaluate potential partner’s behaviour towards people like the waiter, family etc.
  • Communicate always.

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