Priceless Adventure with OpenSky

They wondered too about the next paid trip. But like a marriage almost, things began to pick up in the beginning of year two. Finances were getting on a firmer footing with some reserves in the till and clients were getting to know them more and more through good recommendations at TripAdvisor. Business was on a positive trajectory until November 2013 when all of a sudden, after rescuing a client safely onto shore, they realised, “Where’s Kevin?”

It was too late, Kevin drowned and perished that day.

The tragedy was a big blow to Amos. He began to question if the business was viable at all after losing his “big brother”. Ben, who incidentally has been riding shotgun with Kevin in their final trips confessed to losing a great friend whom he had come to know even more through those final rides. When asked how he felt about the loss, Ben was overcome and could only muster, “We fondly miss him.”

The tragedy of losing Kevin had a pronounced impact. Partner Amos was mulling about closing the business despite being booked out for the year and had to turn away business for running solo. For Ben, he was already in deep thoughts many moons ago about turning pro but Kevin’s demise jolted his plans.

“Challenge to go beyond yourself.” – the late Kevin Tan

The clarion call to head to the woods were probably easy to spot right now but the boys did however take some time off to grieve and to overcome the loss. Time as they say is a mighty healer and through it, they began to reconcile Kevin’s departure as putting his life on the line for another. And that to both Amos and Ben are heroic records they’re proud to carry on with.

Today, after about three years since Kevin Tan bade farewell and Ben officially on board in July 2015, OpenSky is still in business and they are continuing the good work laid since. Hand-in-hand, Amos and Ben are also courageous to inculcate an open communication culture with each other so they could hear each other’s voice; all aimed at raising the unlimited satisfaction for one or more client each day.

“When you bring them up there and see them complete the trail, it’s like you’ve helped them achieve something they never thought they could do and that’s a good feeling you get that money can’t buy.”


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