Respite in Neon Jungle

Retro Tapas Bar Café serves bite-sized fusion meals for revellers in TREC.

An ebullient night out of drinking in Kuala Lumpur, more often than not, will not end without a sojourn at an eatery, be it the local mamak or a fast food franchise. But let’s say you’re bar-hopping in TREC – the hottest spot in Klang Valley right now – and you’re overwhelmed with restaurant choices, keep calm and make your way to Retro Tapas Bar Café, where bite-sized delicacies await to satiate your hunger and level your senses before your drive back home.

Spread out alfresco, Retro is located in Alcove, the Phase 2 development of TREC dedicated to more casual outdoor experiences compared to the other sections of the neon jungle. A far cry from the hustle in Electric Boulevard or the impending bustle of The Hive, this colourful establishment sits comfortably by the road, its façade seducing patrons with its old-charm, from the neon signage to the wooden tables that are perfect for people-watching.

However, don’t let its appearance or the name Retro fool you when it comes to the food – for there is nothing old-school about this joint’s menu. Boasting over 200 F&B items to choose from, the ‘tapas-taurant’ thrives on a range of edgy, fusion dishes where East and West collide – think Western/European fares with an Asian kick, either on the spicy spectrum or little sour pinches.

Some of us may feel like we’re on a hot seat when it comes to actually picking a plate due to the choices but start with the meat you’re in the mood for then pick the flavour. Led by Chef Raziq, the waiters are well-versed with their offerings and are of great help, especially when the words on the menu start turning into white noodles. The chef is also planning to change up his repertoire every three to four months to keep patrons on their toes.

The dessert selection may not be as boisterous as the tapas’ but it is still as novel. Must try: a sizzling hotplate of brownie with ice cream and melted chocolate. The cocktails, on the other hand, are not the focus of eatery and still leave a lot to be desired.

Best way to enjoy yourself at Retro Tapas Bar & Café? Drop by after a night of decadence with your friends (or family) and order a wide variety of tapas for sharing as you chat away.


  • 15% discount, a la carte menu, 6pm – 10pm
  • 1-for-1, Happy hour beers and housepour, 6pm – 10pm, Mon – Fri
  • Free RM20 voucher for minimum spend of RM100

Opens daily.
Weekends: 5pm – 4am
Weekdays: 5pm – 3am

A-02 & A-03 Alcove, TREC, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur.

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