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BMW Group Malaysia today introduced the seventh-generation BMW 5 Series, with the tagline “Business Athlete”.

Meet the family – the previous generations of BMW 5 Series vehicles.

Mr. Han Sang Yun, Managing Director and CEO of BMW Group Malaysia said, “Since its first introduction in 1972, the BMW 5 Series sedan has created a lasting legacy in the automotive premium segment, embodying unrivalled performance, elegance and combining cutting-edge engineering with sophisticated innovation. Now, the new seventh generation All-New BMW 5 Series is destined to continue this remarkable success and ambition of the most successful Premium Business Sedan in the world.”

(From L-R) Mr. Sashi Ambi, Head of Corporate Communications; and Mr. Han Sang Yun, Managing Director & CEO of BMW Group Malaysia BMW Group Malaysia with the all-new BMW 5 Series.

Now, let’s meet the newcomer.

The BMW 530i M Sport, the seventh generation of the sportiest business sedan, features the latest-generation inline 4-cylinder 2-litre petrol engine mated with an equally optimised eight-speed Steptronic Sport transmission. The engine generates a maximum output of 252 hp, torque of 350 Nm and accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.2 seconds at a top speed of 250 km/h.

The average fuel consumption of the All-New BMW 530i M Sport stands at 5.8 litres per 100 km with C02 emissions of 132 grams per kilometre.

Meanwhile, the Driving Experience Control system now provides access to a fourth mode – ADAPTIVE – in addition to the COMFORT, SPORT and ECO PRO driving modes. The ADAPTIVE mode works alongside Dynamic Damper Control and Navigation System Professional wherein the steering, DDC and Steptronic systems automatically adapts to the current driving style and route ahead.

In line with current advancements in in-car display tech wizardry, the vehicle comes equipped with the latest-generation iDrive system which displays vehicle functions. navigation and entertainment features on a high-resolution 10.25-inch touch screen.

It certainly looks the part.
Putting the “Sport” in “Sports-Business Sedan”.
Now, imagine yourself driving this beauty.

For safety, the new BMW 5 Series features Lane Departure Warning and Lane Change Warning, Approach Control Warning & Person Warning with City Brake function, a function which warns and brakes within a speed range from approximately 10 km/h to 60 km/h for persons and up to 80 km/h for vehicles.

In case an accident is unavoidable, the city braking function helps reduce the impact speed and hence, the severity of the accident. Approach Control Warning also warns the potential collision with a vehicle ahead at higher speeds, with preconditioning of the brakes for faster brake response and shorter braking distances.

The Crossing-Traffic Warning Rear meanwhile supports the driver when reversing out of parking spaces and warns of potential collisions with intersecting traffic in situations where it is difficult to see everything around them.

The all-new BMW 5 Series is available in Black Sapphire, Sophisto Grey Brilliant Effect, Alpine White and Mediterranean Blue, and will be available at all authorised BMW dealerships across the country from this weekend onwards.

The new BMW 5 Series is available in Black Sapphire, Sophisto Grey Brilliant Effect, Alpine White and Mediterranean Blue.

The retail price for the BMW 530i M Sport (on the road, without insurance, and with BMW Group Malaysia’s latest 5 Years Unlimited Mileage Warranty, Free Scheduled Service Program and BMW Tyre Warranty Programme) is RM 398,800.00.

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