An Honest Mistake Rocked the Region

“Now I want ya’ll to go crazy!” – Darren Teh, Frontman of AHM

Rocking The Region is a series of live performances that showcase Asia’s very own bands right here at the heart of South East Asia; Singapore. Organised by Esplanade Singapore, this series focus on bridging the gap with a vast array of genres which encompasses a blend of cross-cultural art in the form of music that is held for a month (March 2017).

Last weekend, my band; An Honest Mistake (Malaysia) was invited to perform (alongside Singapore’s very own The Psalms and Bruised Willies) for the finale of Rocking The Region 2017 exclusively at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre, Singapore.

With our usual onstage showmanship and relentless energy, we had a great time.

Photo credit: Calvin Alexi

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