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Hennessy V.S.O.P recently launched the Privilège Collection 7 with a colourful celebration via international artist duo Carnovsky. The lively launch also included a gastronomic experience featuring a specially designed canapé menu and cocktails by Skillet @ 165 and Hyde 53 respectively.

The main attraction of the night was the visual art crafted by Carnovsky especially for Maison Hennessy from their signature colours of red, green and blue. Comprising Italian-born Francesco Rugi and Colombian-born Silvia Quintanilla, the studio is renowned for their visually striking blend of 17th century illustrations and digital landscaping techniques.

Exclusively for the Privilège Collection 7, the real-life couple designed a variety of patterns illustrating the fundamental elements of cognac as well as symbols signifying Hennessey’s history. The duo then translated the maison’s story into separate designs, rendering it in their staple ‘RGB’ – Red Green and Blue – overlays to illustrate the origin and spirit of the cognac.

Taking cues from the Carnovsky hues, Chef Raymond Tham of Skillet @ 163 and mixologist Andrew Tan crafted an exceptional culinary journey for guests at the launch. The chef curated three sets of canapés adhering to the specific taste profiles of each colour that led guests from light and refreshing (GREEN NATURE), to heavy and strong (RED ENERGY) and finally ending with unique and comforting flavours (BLUE DREAM).

Andrew Tan of Hyde 53 and Raymond Tham of Skillet @ 163.

The degustation menu was harmoniously tailored with cocktails by Andrew Tan, owner and mixologist of HYDE at 53M, whose inventive concoctions of the night were inspired by Chef Raymond’s distinctive style of merging humble, local flavours with international ‘luxury’ ingredients, prompting him to use flavours such as Chrysamthemum, Japanese Yuzu and Pandan.

In celebration of the limited edition bottle, Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilège Collection 7 parties are slated to be held across the country. Club-goers nationwide can look forward to exciting similar celebrations at:

1st April – S.O.S, Ipoh

15th April – VAC, Penang

21st April – Mixx Club, Melaka

22nd April – BED Club, Kota Kinabalu

For more information regarding Hennesy V.S.O.P Privilège click here. To get a taste of your life in RGB (Red, Green and Blue) as done by Carnovsky click here.

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