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Superyacht Rascal operates with just one rule – If coconuts don’t grow there, she won’t go there!

A romantic holiday at a 7-star seaside resort? So yesterday. Why enjoy the ocean from the periphery when you can be in the middle of the big blue and still have all the comforts of a vacation? Get aboard Rascal, the rebellious new luxury vessel taking Southeast Asia by storm. A combination of the East and West, the yacht offers Western hospitality standards in a traditionally handcrafted pinisi sailing boat, truly placing her in a league of her own.

The exterior of Rascal is made with ironwood by Indonesian boat makers.

Based in Indonesia, Rascal features an accommodative experience of five above-deck cabins and is the first pinisi superyacht to do so. Built on Indonesian sand using local ironwood and teak by a skilled design team, a century old technique was employed in forming the 103-foot superyacht to achieve an indigenous structure. Add to that the latest in boating technology signature to the West and voila, a pioneer is born.

Ample sunbathing space by day and an al-fresco moonlit cinema by night.

Rascal is the brainchild of Erik Baretto, a former oil and shipping management consultant who fell in love with Indonesia many moons ago during his work trips. The concept for Rascal, however, came about three years when it occurred to him that the Indonesian archipelago – which is a collection of over 17,000 islands – still possesses many secrets to be explored. And why not do that in style?

Erik Baretto, the owner of Rascal.

Having always admired the beauty and craftsmanship of the traditional Indonesian pinisi boats and realising the gap in the market for a bespoke un-chartered travel experience, Erik and his team decided to craft Rascal, a culmination of two distinct parts of the world. The superyacht is literally a labour of love, having been birthed in Tana Beru, South Sulawesi which entails a 6-hour flight from Singapore to Sulawesi followed by a hair-raising 5-hour drive to Tana Beru on a less-than-ideal path.

After the completion of her exterior under the skilled hands of boat builders from a remote fishing village in Tana Beru where pinisi boats have been assembled for hundreds of years, Rascal then sailed to Bali, where they completed the interior fit-out and installation of high-tech equipment. The whole process took three years and the result? A superyacht unlike any other with a hull made of hand-selected ironwood and insides done up a la New York Hamptons meets tropical luxe.

New York Hamptons meet tropical luxe aboard Rascal.

In order to further understand the workings of Rascal, UPPRE exclusively interviewed Erik Baretto, the visionary owner of the superyacht.

‘Rascal’ is such a unique name for a superyacht and gives the vibe of fresh youthful adventure. How did you come up with the name ‘Rascal’ for the superyacht?

We were after a name with an approachable, fun and loveable tone, so we decided on Rascal as it reflects her nature as well as the owners’ adventurous personalities.

Which parts of the yacht are directly influenced by the boat-building skills of the Konjo people?

The materials, craftsmanship and building techniques used were all influenced by the centuries-old boat building techniques in Indonesia. We wanted a traditional pinisi, coupled with contemporary technology and a completely above water accommodation experience, so we took the traditional style and gave it a modern, luxe twist.

Could you share with us your experience in the superyacht industry? Any interesting anecdotes that you could share about the industry and/or Indonesia?

The boat-building industry in Indonesia is all about close teamwork, with various contributors coming on board throughout the project – the collaborative style which very much differs from the boat-builders in the West.

Essentially a luxury floating villa, Rascal sets herself apart from competitors by placing all five of her spacious cabins above deck, unlike on traditional yachts where the accommodation is often below deck. This allows guests to enjoy the sea views from wherever they are on the boat and makes Rascal Indonesia’s first pinisi to have five above deck cabins.

Breakfast in bed done right.

All five cabins of Rascal stretch across two expansive decks. Apart from the sea views, each cabin boasts high ceilings, en-suite bathrooms, a private terrace, and state of the art audio visual systems. A vast 1,280 square foot, unenclosed infinity roof deck provides ample sunbathing space by day and an al-fresco moonlit cinema by night. Rascal’s New York Hamptons meets tropical luxe style finishing exude laidback luxury; eclectic and chic, with brass hardware, rattan ceilings and cabins with their own individual charm thanks to local interior designers, iBalDesigns, and furniture by internationally recognised Charles Orchard.

Available for tailor-made private charter experiences around the Indonesian archipelago, Rascal embraces an equally bespoke approach to dining. A vision of The Good Food Brotherhood – foodies Pablo Fourcard, Jordie Strybos and their Executive Head Chef Josh Job of many Bali-famous establishments including Watercress Café and Milk & Madu, the healthful new menu on board the superyacht is inspired by the group’s success in serving vibrant, nutritious food, sourced from local organic farmers and artisanal purveyors. Under their curation, the dishes on Rascal can be expected to be adventurous and full of flavour, originality and variety – and no two days will be the same. Guests could also drop anchor in secluded white sandy bays for a well-prepared picnic or juicy beachfront BBQ.

The menu is curated by The Good Food Brotherhood by the cocktails are by Proof & Company.

As for the cocktails, expect a well-curated wine list and expertly crafted cocktails from Asia’s award-winning Proof & Company spirit advocates, who have also created a bespoke house Rascal Rum especially for guests of the yacht.

The Rascal Rum.

Available from January for charter, Rascal offers her guests complete control to curate their itinerary – enabling them to design their dream voyage from start to finish. From off-radar island destinations to under surface marine-life immersions, on-deck degustation to rooftop midnight stargazing, everything is provided with casual, barefoot freedom and fun. Nightly rates start at US$8,500 (full board) and vary depending on the group size and itinerary.

Indonesia’s first pisini superyacht with an entirely above water accommodative experience.

Rascal is currently offering a complimentary night for every 3-nights of charter booked between January and June 2017. Bookings must be made before June 2017 for travels by October 2017.

No two charters will be the same with Rascal.




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