Finding Peace off Serendah

An eco-retreat off a sleepy town provides respite for weary urbanites.

Many a thing have been already been said about Sekeping Serendah, but reading about it is one thing while experiencing it for oneself is another. Nestled in the green jungles of Selangor, the basic ‘no-frills’ accommodation aims to celebrate the beauty of the natural environment surrounding its location and takes every opportunity to remind guests that they are merely visiting after all.

Located near the sleepy one-street town of Serendah, the retreat’s one-hour distance from Kuala Lumpur makes it the preferred getaway for city dwellers seeking to experience nature without forgoing all comfort. Consisting of 10 sheds – or ‘glorified tents’ – the vacation spot merely provides basic shelter for patrons as they commune with the land.

Finding the private resort is half the battle, the other being adapting oneself to being almost entirely immersed in nature. GPS-based navigation system Waze is able to lead you until the final five minutes of the trip, going past two Orang Asal villages, before you get lost – or not – depending on your luck. Thankfully, the villagers are always smiles to help any lost souls in need of a holiday.

The sheds are aplenty in variety – you can choose to stay in ones made from mud, wood and even glass, depending on your budget as well as preference. Since most visit the eco-retreat for its location in the jungle, the glass sheds are recommended for the view they provide of the flora and fauna that call the land their home.

The amenities in Sekeping Serendah – albeit admittedly basic – are sufficient for anyone seeking solace in Mother Nature. The resort has two pools – one of them being of the infinity kind – while complete equipment for barbecue are provided, with assistance from the caretakers to light up the fire. Personal items such as towels and toiletries are not available but each bed gets its own mosquito nets. The kitchen is also fully-equipped with the option of ordering Nepali food called ‘caretaker’s meal’ if you do not fancy cooking yourself.

Recommended for groups of friends in need of a break as well as families, Sekeping Serendah definitely leads as an eco-conscious as well as affordable jungle-getaway.

A reminder: Your mobile phone lines might not work except for UMobile (not a plug).

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