The Galaxy Expands

Like Star Wars, Samsung now has an eighth iteration of its Galaxy S smartphone.

Planning to upgrade your smartphone? Why not get one that does almost everything – including possibly replacing your workstation?

For those looking forward for Samsung’s next iteration of flagship smartphones, wait no longer, as the new Galaxy S8 and S8+ are now in Malaysian shores. More than just lookers, these are speedy devices that incorporate the best technology the Korean giant has to offer.

The device that can just about do anything.

Now, as tempted as I am to list the techy bits likes dropping specifications and numbers (part of a previous… deployment, if you will), I’m just going to write about how these new devices can benefit you.

Both devices now feature what Samsung terms an “Infinity Display”, shaving the side bezels and giving the devices dual-curved edges, giving the impression that you’re getting holding some futuristic piece of tech. The displays are slightly taller as well, giving you more display real estate without sacrificing one-handed operation, and improved multi-window usability.

The two new devices sport improved cameras, building on the legacy of the previous Galaxy S lineup. The front camera bears special mention, with an 8-megapixel sensor capable of capturing sharp details for your next social media upload.

Biometrics seems to be the thing for the digital age, and Samsung is giving you more ways to keep your stuff secure. Now, instead of using your fingerprints, you use your eyes. Your irises, specifically.  The new iris scanner complements Samsung’s Secure Folder feature, where you can keep your private stuff private, without locking down your phone.

An eye-opener, for sure.

One of the newest features that comes with the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ is Bixby, Samsung’s own intelligent interface. In a nutshell, it is contextually aware, and it picks up on your habits and provides related information – sort of like a personal assistant, but mapped to a hardware button rather than physically present by your side.

Bixby sees all.

Now, here’s the bit where I get excited – the extra bits, the new accessories that complement the new smartphones (sold separately). You have the new Gear VR with Controller (RM 499), for those who want to start their journey into virtual reality; the new Gear 360 (RM 999), a 360-degree video camera capable of capturing 4K content; and Samsung DeX (RM 459), a dock that transforms your Galaxy S8 or S8+ into a computer. Just connect DeX to a keyboard, mouse and monitor, plug your device in, and you could get some work done – some spreadsheets, e-mails, and even squeeze a session of Clash Royale in between (I won’t tell if you won’t.).

No desktop or notebook? With DeX, that’s no problem. (Note: monitor, keyboard and mouse sold separately)

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ retail at RM 3,299 and RM 3,699 respectively, and are available for purchase staring 5th May 2017 at all Samsung Experience Stores and authorised dealers. Currently, you get three colours to choose from – Midnight Black, Orchid Grey and Maple Gold.

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