Work Out With Friends At Armour@ThePark

Under Armour and Naza TTDI encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle.

News flash for those comfortable under a rock, sitting around all day is bad for you. So, in an effort to inspire the public (yes, you) to choose a healthy lifestyle, Naza TTDI and Under Armour have teamed up to launch the socially-driven initiative, Armour@ThePark.

Through this partnership, members of the public can now enjoy free weekly workout sessions that will be held every Tuesday 6.30pm at Naza Tower, Platinum Park until the end of the year. Being centrally located in the heart of the city, the park offers an ideal place where everyone can gather and engage in activities that promote an active and healthy lifestyle. One of its unique features is the picturesque public space that provide a refreshing al fresco feel to working out. Imagine a communal, full body workout session for more than an hour with the twin towers serving as the backdrop.

The weekly 1.5 hour sessions will be held throughout the year until 19 December 2017, incorporating a host of different fitness disciplines powered by Under Armour such as Isolated Body Workout, Yoga, TRX and Kettlebell Work and RMT Workout.

In order to ensure a proper and thorough workout, Under Armour’s official gym partners and fitness professionals from PFC Studio, YogaonethatIwant and Celebrity Fitness will be present to lead the different workout sessions.

People of all levels of fitness are invited to take part, from beginners to fitness enthusiasts, professionals to newbies – there is something fun for everyone. Register today at for the upcoming sessions.

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